Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers

Hello Tutorful!

Would it be possible to introduce a new subject level called “Scottish Advanced Highers”? Currently, there is only one subject level called “Scottish Highers” and it serves as a kind of umbrella term for both Highers and Advanced Highers. Those two are in fact very different exams with completely different topics. Highers are something between GCSE and A-levels whereas Advanced Highers are the equivalent of A-levels with some concepts from 1st year of university :exploding_head:

I would love to start offering Higher Physics tuition but at the same time I am worried that I will get approached by students looking for Advanced Higher Physics tutors and telling them I can’t help would negatively affect my booking score. Keeping those two subject levels separate would also make it much easier for students to find a tutor who can actually help them :blush:

Below I have attached a picture explaining what I mean by subject levels:


I second this idea, I have several Advanced Highers students who just have to come under Highers.


Hi @AnnaDuncanScience,

Thanks so much for this feedback and the explanation as to why this would be really valuable! I have passed this on to our product team and hopefully, it’s something we can look to add in the near future. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Rachel! That would be great! :grin:

absolutely I have taught National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher- please distinguish.