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School entry secondary test

Hi ,I was asked a question today about school entry for secondary school not the 11+ . Where would I find examples of tests. Parent is wanting to know what this would include and how long given for each part of test. Any help would be appreciated.

Usually, the schools with their own entrance exams will have some examples of previous years on their websites

Thank you , I’ve not been asked this before. I will pass this information on to parents.

There is also a thriving market in revision guides and workbooks mostly designed for entry into selective and private schools - a simple search on the internet will throw these up
Paul Hallett (Tutorful History Ambassador)

Thank you, I will pass this on ,are they called anything else as not 11+ and not the higher ability just a test to enrol in a school.

I do not want to put details in here but although they are about selective entry I an fairly certain they are what you are seeking. Needless to say these are commercial products and not necessarily offering anything special that you could not do yourself with enough time and insight

As Julia said, you should look at the websites of the schools that the parents are interested in. There is no uniform format for entrance exams, but in my experience they tend to be fairly similar to the 11+, that is, a selection of reading, writing, maths and possibly verbal and/or non-verbal reasoning.

Thank you that is very helpful.

Thank you Lewis I will definitely suggest they look on the school website.