Running Classes

I’ve just got a few questions about classes, for anybody that does it.
Do you find you get a lot of students sign up?
Is it through tutorful classroom?
What do you do about the feedback? Is it different for each individual? Is it in the same format as our normal lessons?
Do you set homework?
Do you find students interact much, or does it just depend on the class?

I’m thinking about running some, but my anxiety hates change and I’d like to be fully prepared, so any information would be helpful. Thank you!

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Hi Heather,

Thanks for posting!

Classes take place in the Lessonspace online classroom (which is also our backup classroom for one-to-one tuition), simply because our online classroom isn’t quite ready for groups yet.

The lessons are accessible from your Tutorful dashboard - there will be a button you click to join.

Leaving feedback and homework is neither compulsory or expected, so it’s entirely up to tutors whether they want to provide this. While there isn’t a function yet to leave feedback for classes students from your account, it’s something we’re looking into adding in the future. The ability to set homework is also something we’d like to add. But for now, the classes support team are happy to send any homework or feedback on to your students, or if you wish to contact students yourself and they are happy to share their contact details with you, you can do this also.

Interaction with students can be varied, so it would be interesting to hear some thoughts from our classes tutors here. Although we don’t impose any rules around students turning on their microphone or camera, we would always encourage them to do so to be able to participate fully in the lesson.

I hope this goes some way to answering your questions. If you would like to discuss running classes in more detail, feel free to send me a message, or you can contact the classes support team via, or 0114 383 0989 - we’re always happy to advise :slight_smile:

Hi Juliet,
Thanks, that’s really helpful! I was going to run a class a while back but it fell through, but I’m thinking about setting up another one and wanted to know what I’m in for!
I have taught group lessons through a company once, and I found the feedback to be a bit of a pain to do, so it is actually great that it isn’t necessary. Same with homework. Giving homework feedback in lesson can take up a lot of time for a group, and not be a good way to spend the lesson time.
How long before the lesson can you log in? And is there a way to have a play around with Lessonspace before the first lesson? I’m a bit slow with technology, so it would be useful for me to just get my bearings with it.
Thank you

I would love to know if people have found daily or weekly frequency to be more effective, bearing in mind it’s the summer holidays?

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I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it too as my idea got accepted but I wasn’t sure if I’d actually get any students from it