Ringing Tuturful

Every time there is an issue and either the student rings tutorful or I ring them. I get the answering machine saying ‘we are in a company meeting’.

Shouldn’t they leave one or 2 staff members manning the phones?

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your post!

I’m really sorry to hear you weren’t able to reach us due to us being in a company meeting. It’s really important to us that all members of the company are able to attend company wide meetings so we’re all on the same page with changes, updates and important messages and this includes our Customer Success agents. This is only twice a week between 2pm and 3pm so you should be able to get through to us at any other times.

However, we’ll always get back to you if you leave us a voicemail, and we do have our FAQ’s available on the site too should you need any help.

Abbie (Tutorful)

Hey Abbie, thanks for that. I did wonder how regularly those company meetings run, as I sometimes come across this issue. Perhaps if you included that the team will back by 3pm in the answering machine message, that’d help matters?


Hi @012gogaj

That’s a great suggestion and I’ll pass this onto the wider team - thanks for your feedback!