Reviews and feedback

Firstly could our students post anonymous.

How can we encourage them to leave feedback without it being forced down their throats. I had a parent cancel lessons completely, I believe because I asked her to leave a review which left me upset and calling Tutorful purely as I wasn’t sure what I did.

Would love some feedback and advice!!

Honestly, I don’t really ask unless the tuition has ended due to exams, or if the parent has sent a lovely message about how happy they are with tuition. Even then I sometimes don’t.
I’ve found reviews tend to come in after a few weeks of teaching (sometimes a few months) and usually when they see the student’s progression. I don’t have many reviews, but the ones I have are detailed and high quality reviews, which I think is better for parents looking at my profile, and I think that is because they don’t feel like they have to.
I do doubt your student left because you asked her to leave a review (unless you asked multiple times?), but don’t take it to heart. We all have students leave for various reasons, and sometimes we don’t really know why. It might have been personal circumstances, so try not to take it to heart too much.


Yeah, I tend not to ask til the end either. Students leave for various reasons, I wouldn’t worry too much about it! @heather’s reply is spot on!


Thanks Heather,

I think this makes much more sense and I agree, I will let them write them more of their own back rather than forcing it. I didn’t really think about it that way. Some of my other students parents have written as they achieved something which makes it more of a surprise and rewarding seeing the end results.

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I never ask students/ parents to leave a review. I feel confident in my ability as a teacher and also my subject knowledge to be a good tutor or teacher. I appreciate the positive feedback but I completely agree with @heather as there are many reasons students leave and that is never the fault of the teacher. In the early stages of tutoring you should be able to see if the rapport with the student is successful.

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I understand what your saying but it was just a feeling I got and the lessons were going really well. The parent had nothing but good things to say.

Hey I guess I will never know. A big lesson was learnt and going forward I will take the above advice into consideration.

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I think it’s always healthy to think you could do better. However, sometimes clients do seem to behave in strange ways and perhaps the lesson to be taken is that it’s just part of the job and there’s not much you can do about it.

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Well said JoeL I agree thanks :grinning: