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Response Time on days off

Is there a way that Tutorful could change the response time to take into account days off? I take Wednesdays and Saturdays off, and I try to avoid checking emails and doing anything work related in that time (when I started tutoring I was working 7 days a week, so I have worked hard to organise my work to get those days off).
Could we maybe have set days in which there is a generated message that we are off that day but will receive the enquiry at 9am the next day, or something similar? It’s important to be able to have time away from work, and I know we can turn our profiles off, but it would be good to be able to just set specific days ahead of time, especially with current students who may message on those days.


I completely agree that it would be great to have days off that are fully and utterly days off…! There is too much merging of work and leisure time as it is these days!

However, tutorful would have to, to some degree, sacrifice the selling point regarding tutors getting back to clients fast. Also if a client messages a tutor who has a low response time, they are going to expect a speedy response time so it’s somewhat going against clients expectations in that regard too if your proposal were introduced there.

Could you think of a way for tutors to have days off without interfering in what tutorful must regard as a useful selling point?

I suppose one thing you could do is to just turn your profile off on days off! Not ideal for getting new students of course but it would work…

Yeah, that is a good point. :thinking:
Maybe it could be a setting where we can schedule turning our profiles off in specific days of the week, or times of the day, rather than doing it manually? I got a message at 2am this morning and replied when I woke up but my response time has gained about 4 hours onto it.

That should not be happening anyway as I recall Tutorful saying that had changed the response time to only start counting from 8 or 9 am.

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Yes there should be a time range within the day where the response time counts.

I would love to at least be able to set my own time range during the day… since I work late I like to get up late!


I have had 1 enquiry today and responded straight away, and it seems to have knocked off 5 hours from the time.
I think it maybe just needed a jolt or something. Maybe it glitched.

Yeah this is a tricky one, as I feel obliged to reply to Tutorful messages on my days off (weekends) too. What I do for now is just make sure the only work I do on those days is replying to Tutorful messages and nothing else (no lesson-planning, etc).

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