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I try hard to respond to enquiries within an hour and as such my response time has always been in the 10 to 20 minutes range for a s long as i can remember.

Today iy jumped to 12 hours. Ive responded to all enquiries fior the past 52 weeks within an hour.

whats going on

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Mine’s suddenly gone from under 1h to 10 hours. Crazy.

Mine’s jumped to 2 hours from 5 or 15 mins (can’t remember exactly).

This happened before about a month ago and they fixed it, so they’ll probably fix it again.

All my performance scores have remained static for at least three weeks. My response time is stuck on 2 hours (I’ve calculated my last 5 first-time message responses, and my response time should be 41 minutes).

Both my booking score and repeat client score have remained unmoved, despite having made successful bookings from my last three enquiries over the space of about six weeks, and continuing to book regular weekly lessons for all three. In that time, I haven’t lost any pupils.

It seems obvious from previous replies that the performance ranking system simply isn’t working. I emailed Tutorful@support last Monday mentioning this issue, and haven’t had a reply.

@Rachel_Tutorful (or anyone from Tutorful), can you please give us an explanation for why this is happening? Thank you.

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My response time has also jumped: from 11 minutes to 58 minutes. However, it’s still in the green, so I don’t think it should affect me that much.

Does anyone know how many of the recent responses are used by the algorithm.

To.jump from 8 minutes to 12 hours surely would imply I have a message that’s unanswered for a week or more. And every day it should get worse.

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Mine’s jumped to 2 days from two hours :unamused:

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This!! I’m in the same situation as you.

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The repeat client and booking scores can remain fixed for weeks or months at a time, especially the repeat client score. It will probably go up when you least expect it to. Mine plummeted down to a 5 when I lost most of my students during the first lockdown and it slowly began to increase afterwards, very slowly. I remember thinking it was impossible to get repeat client to reach 10/10 as I’d been on 9 for about half a year or more. Then, one day, it went up to 10 and, thankfully, has stayed there since.

Mine has also jumped from 30 minutes to 2 hrs.

Have emailed Tutorful about it. I’m sure they’ll correct the glitch.

That s hardly a jump Michael. Most of the cases have been out by a factor of 50 to 60. That’s obviously an error. A factor of 4 is possible.

Hi all,

I’m sorry to hear that there have been some unexpected changes to response times. I have passed this on to be looked into and I will get back to you with an update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Mine jumped from minutes to 2 days!!!

Hi, there has been an issue with response time over the weekend and we are working to get this resolved. For any tutors who have been impacted, your response time will return back to what it was previously within the next 24 hours. Sorry for any problems that this may have caused!

Mine too @katie hope that they sort it soon lol

Has anyone s returned to previous level.
I thought it would be done overnight. Alas mine is still 12 hours

Hi @davemillerwitney, a fix was put out for this yesterday but unfortunately there still seems to be a few issues, we are aware and working to get response times back to where they should be as soon as possible. I’ll keep you all updated on this thread! Sorry for any problems this may be causing and thanks so much for your patience!

Mine has now returned to normal . 11 mins.
Thanks for sorting

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Hi all, I just wanted to post an update for anyone who had an unexpected change in response time - I can confirm that this has now been resolved :sunny: