Requests for times not available

I hope I’m not repeating what others have said before in this new topic…

I’ve gone back online for the first time in quite a few months. I have also updated my availability with the exact times I’m available over the summer.

I’m getting quite a few requests from parents asking for an initial time when I’m available, but then saying they want further sessions at a time when I’m clearly not … !

I understand that Tutorful need to to ‘rate’ tutors on how many clients they secure, but I’m now having to turn down clients because they are asking me for times I’m not available - this is negatively impacting my score.

Would it be possible for Tutorful to be stricter about time slots when parents request a tutor? It seems unfair that tutors are penalised for requests such as these.


Honestly I’ve mentioned this and it’s so frustrating!!! Some don’t even look at availability!!!

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This has happened many times to me as well. As far as I have been doing, if we are not able to secure a lesson, message tutorful using the help function and they are able to remove that student from negatively affecting your score. It can be so frustrating, I have even put a note at the top of my profile saying to check my availability before messaging and it still happens!