Repeat client score

Can someone tell me how the algorithm works.
I’ve tutored here for 3 plus years and in that time all requests bar 2 have continued with weekly or long term lessons.

However this week my repeat client score has gone down to 8.

Its pushed me down to page 3 on the list of maths tutors.

I can only think that this can be due to some of my students taking a break over the holidays.

But even then aimee of these students have had 20 to 30 or even more lessons. Surely thats got to count as a positive not a negative .

I’d be interested to know the full details of the algorithm . As a maths tutor I’d be interested to see how it’s put together.

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That’s strange! I You should probably be at 10 if you’ve only lost 2 clients in the past 3 years. I assume it’s 2 clients out of a large number of students?

Have you been doing the free video chats? Those can negatively impact your repeat client score if they don’t lead to bookings.

Depends on your definition of lost students I guess.
I’ve never seen my score below 10 not from memory.

Obviously in the 3 years or so. Some students have stopped lessons

My point was if you have a student that takes 50 lessons in a year and then finished the course and stops lessons. This shouldn’t be a negative score.

I’ve done 2 free video chats and both are taking weekly lessons I would have thought this would be new client score

From watching the algoritham, I believe that what happens is when you book with a new student and do 1 lesson with them, it drops your score by 1. If you then do a second lesson, your score returns to where it was before. A third lesson increases it by 1. After that, I think you get an additional 1 point for another 50 lessons or something like that? Not sure about that last part.

So, since lessons are typically a week apart, it can take 3 weeks before your score returns to normal.

However if you have a 10/10 score, your score should not drop to 9 just from booking one new student - mine didn’t. However once I booked two new students at once while losing one student, and then my score dropped to 8 and didn’t return to 10 until those two new students had completed their second lesson 2 weeks later.

So yes, if you do 50 lessons with a student there is no way that would drop your score - there must be some other reason it dropped.

Hope that helps!

That’s why I’m interested to know the algorithm details.
My new client score has often been below 10 because I have limited availability. I’ve been doing 15 or so lessons a week with tutorful in the past 3 months. This has now dropped to about 10 to 12.

Now that could say my repeat score should go down.

But I’ve had approx 13 students complete their studies and most of them had 25 plus lessons.

Its naive to report that as a negative repeat client score. Any student wanting more than 10 lessons should be seen as a big positive.

By nature these students will qualify at some point. That’s success not failure

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I think that even if you chose to have only 2 students a week and never lost any students, and those 2 students did more than 3 lessons, you would have a 10/10 score.

So I don’t think limited availability affects the repeat client score at all, unless it causes you to stop booking with clients you’ve already gained. If it’s just that you teach limited hours, that should not affect your repeat client score. I could be wrong but I don’t believe I am.

Could be worth getting in contact with tutorful and asking what’s going on!

You’re right it doesnt affect repeat client score to the best of my knowledge.

. I just noted that in for transparency and completeness.

For reference I’ve done 800plus hours on tutorful.
I’ve only ever had 2 referrals that took a single lesson

Email sent to tutorful although I’m not sure they have access to the workings of the algorithm. .

Just to be clear, by ‘referral’ do you mean all clients? So of all the students you’ve ever booked with, only two have booked a single lesson and then not continued?

If so you should have 10/10, cause I’ve done worse than that!

And I’m guessing what I said earlier didn’t apply, it’s not that very recently you’ve booked 2 or more new students - that would temporarily drop your score.

Only two from memory.

One of them only needed 1 lesson to complete the topic.

I have had one further trial that didnt proceed.

From probably 45 plus students

I’ve picked up 4 new students recently. All have had 3 or more lessons

I’ve got 2 more new ones this week. Which is why I’m worried about repeat client score

I believe that repeat client score is based upon the classes you have already had, not the sessions booked in. So even if you expect to have a student every week for the next few months, if you have only had one lesson so far then that brings your score down just as much as if they had booked one lesson then no more. Personally I would prefer it to be based on the number of sessions booked in, at least in part, but in a case like yours it seems like it will be fixed relatively quickly when you have sessions with these new students.

Still a poorly chosen algorithm by the looks of it.
My retained percentage iof students is over 95 per cent.

My ratio of lessons to clients is over 25 to 1.

My score is 8 out of 10.

As a maths tutor I can accept that statistics can be misleading. But these statistics arent misleading.

In essence they are meaningless.

I think - please correct me if I am wrong Tutorful - that this algorithim is based on the number of lessons that the student originally thinks they will have. So if they say 4 and have 8 that is really good for your statistics. But if they say 10 and after 8 you have resolved things and not got them to have more lessons that is a negative. My statistic also shot down few days ago cos lots of students are now on a break for hols and my statistic is always 10. I accept this and will not go back live until September when they return and my figure is back at 10. You have to be strategic. Again you are building a long term business. Re having level based on booked lessons that is not making any business sense. Booked in lessons do not convert into actual lessons. For many reasons illness being the main one. I am linked carer for 96 and 93 year old in laws still living at home - and my husband - their son is a nurse working full time-given COVID he cannot leave work. - so sometimes I have to cancel at very short notice, this happened last week and 8 lessons had to be cancelled. If Tutorful had based my statistics on that it would have been wrong. Another reason why my staistic went down. I don’t think many people on here understand the business aspects to Tutorful and more importantly their business. First question you should consider is are you registered with HMRC, not what Tutorful are doing wrong?

I am registered with HMRC.
That should never be the first question.
You don’t need to be if your income is less than 1000 pounds.

So perhaps in your case the first question should be am I going to earn more than 1000 pounds.

Just for clarity … out of over 1000 lessons on here and other agencies I have never cancelled a single lesson. Postponed or rescheduled yes. But even then probably less than 10 overall.

Also the bookings I mentioned all became live real lessons.

Out of 5 new enquiries.
One has had 8 lessons
One has had 5 lessons
One has had 4 lessons
One has had 3
And one has had 2.

HMRC should be the first question because it shows you are serious and in for a long term ethical business. Your response shows you are not a business person. I agree the first year they said if your income is below £1000.00 you do not have to register. If your income is less than £1000 after 18 months you do not have a business you are playing at tutoring. Your first question should not be am I going to, but HOW i am going to… Your 24 lessons are too soon to extrapolate… re long term impact and also if they said they wanted to do more than 24 lessons in that time. I do more than 24 lessons a week but it doesn’t mean that I AM HITTING THE TARGET BECAUSE I do not know what my students said they wanted to do when they signed up.
Re you have always postponed not cancelled -that cannot always happen in my situation and I am happy for you that you were able to do that. If you have done 1000 @15 - 20 £ per hour 1 plus lessons you have a business so i do not understand why you are complaining about the algorthymn. That is more than HMRC requirement to register so that is why I say you need to register and then see where you end up. To any tutors out there YOU MUST REGISTER WITH HMRC

I worked as a financial director for.20 years.
Before returning to my passion for maths.

I’m.not trying to be obstinate or difficult. My original post was taking about the algorithm because I am genuinely interested.

I have worked in creating similar benchmark statistics in industry hence the interest.

As a mathematician I can see the reason for statistics and can see why they fail sometimes or even how they can be skewed positively or negatively.

Even if other tutors are not interested for whatever reason it doesnt change the fact that I am.

I like dealing with numbers.

Did you notice the 1st line where i said I am registered.

I did but you qualified it immediately with that doesn’t matter if you learn less than £1000 I was only pointing out that is a restrictive aspect. I also have worked in finance and was in charge of a £30,000,000 budget and me too i love numbers budgets and algorythmns. We are probably more alike than initially might have seemed. I think there is real potential for US to create a supportive training progamme for new tutors who do not understand the reality of this. Maybe we should propose this to Tutorful.

I’m certainly also interested in how the algorithm works for repeat client score.

I have heard tutorful say in the past that it is based simply on how many lessons you do, and I’ve also heard them say that it’s based on how many lessons a student claims to expect to need when they sign up.

However in that case I am just as confused as you are @davemillerwitney as to why your score has dropped.

Just to share what I’ve been told by tutorful so far.

Video chats arent lessons so do not count towards your repeat client score.

Not sure whether that could mean they count against it though?

2 additional lessons are not enough to counteract the initial dip suffered when you book a new client.

I’ve asked about the specific algorithm but I’m not sure the details are available

I was told that video chats which did not lead to the client continuing would count against repeat client score.