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Recording Access Update: There will be a slight delay 18/8

Hi all tutors, students and parents :wave:

We just wanted to let you know that we’re delaying recording access slightly as we’re fine tuning some technical requirements and wanted to add some additional things before going live. These are shown below:

  1. We won’t share recordings for free video chats
  • Free video chats are meant to be an opportunity for students, parents and tutors to initially meet each other and we understand that sometimes sensitive information is shared during these meetings
  • We also understand it’s not a lesson, so recordings of these won’t be used for revision or recapping content in the same way other lesson recordings are intended to be used
  1. Upon confirmation of a lesson, a student will now have to agree to our terms of use regarding lesson recordings. We know some of you have shared concerns about screen-recording software so we are making it clear to students that any attempt to use recordings outside of our website will not be tolerated. This in addition to a clause in the terms and conditions being added.

We also wanted to make everyone aware that although we’ll always record lessons for safeguarding purposes it is possible to request for a recording to be hidden if there’s a valid reason. This can be requested by the student, parent or tutor. You can find more about this by following the FAQ links below:

We have communicated the delay to our students and assured them that we are working hard to make this a successful and beneficial update to how our recordings work.

We also wanted to explain the reasoning behind keeping recordings for a year. We made this decision based on the majority of students and parents seeing value in being able to use a recording for revision or to recap a topic. Students with looming exams may want to look at content they covered some time ago.


So the year thing is still going ahead?

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It appears so, regardless of any concerns expressed. I, like many others, will simply use an alternative such as Zoom or LearnCube. I also think that the reason, such as for revision purposes, do not address the active element of revision and how this aids memory. Simply watching a lesson back from potentially months previously is moving into online learning courses, as opposed to being actively taught. But, I can see how this might be beneficial for parents and students if they are no longer paying for our services but can access the course materials in preparation for exams.


Thanks for the update @katie_tutorful.


Well, having checked my students seem to be unaware of the fact they will be recorded, or indeed of this latest update…? I am pretty sure at least one of the parents is the type to read an email thoroughly…they dont seem to have had any emails from Tutorful. Is this working on a marketing mailing list which perhaps not everyone is signed up to…?