Recap on the last lesson

Hi everyone,
This might be a new idea or it might be something you already do. At the start of the lesson if recapping briefly on last week’s lesson what you can do is before the lesson open two tabs of Tutorful on the internet then use one for the lesson and the other open Tutorful and click on lessons and then select last week’s lesson then on the current tab click share screen and select chrome then go to the second tab which has last week’s lesson.

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This is a good idea. Personally, I use LearnCube as that lets you import all of the whiteboards, documents and notes from a previous session directly into the classroom. It’s very useful when working through a topic in detail or building a set of notes over the course of several lessons.

Cheers Lewis, the ideas forum ! Now I know the name learn cube as I’ve heard of it but I’m not quite up on the techno side of it all. Sounds good though. So is this a different version ?

Hi Nigel,

LearnCube is the classroom that Tutorful used before the current iteration. You can use a free version by going to their website, or pay for a subscription to use the full benefits (which I do).

It allows for screen-sharing within the classroom, meaning that the tutor and students can annotate the shared screen - very useful for online worksheets and textbooks. You can download whiteboards directly from the classroom and at the click of a button reupload all of the whiteboards from a previous session.

Happy to answer any questions.