Rate for tutoring two together

I have two new students who are sibling twins. As I will be teaching them both together, I’m not sure how much I should charge. Do I charge double my individual rate or just add half rate for the other? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Charging double would not be reasonable.

You are preparing exactly the same as you would a single student.

The only extra time would be in terms of marking and so maybe charging a little extra like 25% could be justified in my opinion.

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My first ever students on Tutorful were twins. Three years ago when they were year 7s. They’re year 10s now and I’m still tutoring them - they must be sick of me lol.

I have always charged them as though I were charging one student. I essentially cover the same sessions with them but will occasionally differentiate the starter activity (I tutor them maths) if I believe it’ll improve their bespoke learning.

I personally would never charge differently for twins compared to an individual student but I guess it’s your call.


25% extra is a good rule of thumb. Mainly for marking purposes. The only reason I’d charge more, is if they’re at wildly different levels of learning, which ramps up the prep time. But then, at that point they should be receiving separate sessions, and perhaps you could offer them a small discount for having two hours a week with you.


I’ve done this before and I found that there is always a dominant sibling, so the quieter one doesn’t get as much out of the session, so I refuse to do that now. If it’s twins, I offer half an hour each in the hour timeslot, if the parent can’t do two different sessions. It’s still more work with planning and homework, but I feel both get more out of it, as they have individual needs and abilities.


I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but you’re right! I’ll keep that in mind in future.

I had a similar problem with non-identical triplets, two were so dominant I had to tutor the third separately or the poor girl would never have got a word in. I was also tutoring an older sibling from the same family so it was a solid three hour session at weekends, I charged for two hours at my normal rate, it was worth it to take up an awkward slot on a weekend morning.

I charge same rate per student per hour.

I charge single rate. Provided its not taking additional time to prepare or mark their work.