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Rankings and visibility

I’ve just noticed after investigating my lack of enquiries, that Tutorful does not appear to have me as an available tutor.
I have not been warned or approached by tutorful? Why is that. If Tutorful has a problem with me , why not tell me?

If you’re new, have you got your two references back? I remember needing to get my two references back before I was starting.

Have you put yourself ‘online’? So can therefore receive enquiries?

Otherwise, not sure.

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Hi Tony,

Please drop our Customer Success team an email or give them a ring and they will look into this for you.

It could be that your scores have dropped and you don’t meet the criteria to come up in search results. The team should be able to advise you on this if you get in touch.

This FAQ might also provide you with some useful information:


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