Quietness Over Summer Months

Dear Fellow Tutors,

I was wondering if you can help me with something I’ve been thinking about?
Since I’m relatively new on this site and managed 25+ hours of learning, I wanted to pick your brains about doing Online Tuition over the Summer Period.

Now, I know that COVID-19 has caused a cacophony of issues relating to Education and the like. However, what I want to know is how likely am I to get students over the summer period as I’m worried about whether or not there’ll be potential work or not, as my main job is a TA and I’m concerned that I won’t get any work for that as well. In addition, I’m essentially worried whether or not there will be an income for me as I’m the only bread-winner in the family, and the amount of stress this is causing me is terrifying, as I’ve got a young dependant within the family that needs my support.

If you have any suggestions as to whether I should go on other Tuition sites or if you have any tips/advice, that would be helpful. Please be kind as this is a challenging time for me.

Thanks, Gregory


Hi @Gregory,

I don’t know what the situation will be like this year, but I have often acquired new students during the summer before, and several of my current students do usually opt to continue through the summer. It’s undoubtedly quieter than the rest of the year, but there are still new students to be found.

What subjects do you teach?


yes I totally understand, I am a carer for my husband and main breadwinner in my house.

As already mentioned, it will be quiet. Many of my regulars are continuing over summer this year. I also work for a local agency doing vulnerable SEN EHCP students and I’m working on the National tutoring programme for primary maths as well.

I have saved money to cover August and hopefully be carrying on with agency work in September.

Find and talk to your local agency with your skills you will be much needed till end of July.

Hi there Lewis,
My main subject is Science (Bio, Chem & Physics) with a particular focus on Biology at a KS3 to GCSE level.


Hey there Kitty,
Do you know how to get into the National Tutoring Programme, and what is the money like, good or bad compared to on here and as a SEN TA?


Hi Gregory

Your best bet is to do your research. Have a look at some agencies ( I will pm you).

When I was a HLTA in secondary science I was on over £26,000 with 4 years service, top of the pay band.

SEN TA I’ve been paid around £16,000 for.

Agency for non qualified staff is normally around £20-25 a hour. £85 a day. Depending which agency and where you are based.

How long have you been a TA? because they will go on qualifications, you need a degree and experience.

Hope this helps

Okay, that’s good. Year 10s and KS3 students are, in my experience, more likely to want to continue over the summer. It’s only Year 11s and 13s that tend not to since they’ll have finished their course.


Hi from Paul the history tutor. There are new students out there I have picked up three recently but there will be less work and it will be quiet. I have a Saturday job in a shop in my village. There is much to be said for this. Yes its nothing like as well paid but I know how much I am getting each month doing it and it brings some variety. No prep to start with. Been there five years so no Saturday’s off but you adjust. At one point before Covid I had four jobs. My advice look for an alternative weekend job that fits around the other work you have. Best of luck from Paul


My concern is that I feel that my main work as a Teaching Assistant is also drying up w/ no schools/agencies giving me the due to COVID and the fact that we’re very close to Summer Holidays. I need this money as we’ve got a holiday booked and I’m worrying over that.

And because it can be a while before I get lessons on here, I’m beginning to worry and stress over finances.

Damn, COVID has really damaged my career options, and if it weren’t for this horrible disease, I would’ve found a good Teaching Assistant role for me and provide for my wife and young son.

Have a break and plan for next year.

Hey Manda,

I would like to take a break, but as mentioned in the post above I’ve got a young son to also think about. That’s why I’ve asked for advice/help.

Thank you for your advice.

Hi Gregory,
I understand how difficult this year has been for everyone and how worried you must be about finances, but at the same time you mustn’t worry so much that you burn out and do not get a break, or become depressed, and I have experienced that in the past. I did not mean to be dismissive and simplistic in my comments, but the truth is sometimes you have to accept a bad situation and then take some positive action such as planning for next year, which will be a benefit in September. If you are not getting enough work through Tutorful then I am sure you are applying to other agencies as well. If there are not enough students for you then realistically you will have to find an alternative source of income. Worrying is a very destructive emotion and is not going to help you get students. There is a phrase in sales that desperate people can’t sell, and you are selling yourself, your knowledge and skills and need to focus on that, so you sound confident when people contact you. Like other people I have done other jobs during the summer when it is quieter, but also throughout the year, so there is always some money coming in. I trained and worked as a 111 call advisor for many years and have worked in my local pub, I have also delivered free papers and leaflets, when we were hard up. I am passing a lot of pubs now that say they are hiring and they are looking for hard, conscientious workers. It may not be what you want to do but it will bring in an income. In future you will understand that this can be a lean time for tutoring and save through the year to cover the summer and then you can enjoy a break. It sounds like you are a really conscientious person and want to provide for your family and I wish you well.


Tutoring invariably gets quiet over the summer period but there are probably other factors at play. I have so far found it busier than previous years outside of tutorful surprisingly which is a big shame as I’ve always been able to gain work.

Hourly rate plays a big part, when I started off 7 years ago I charged the minimum tutorful went, possibly around £15 per hour, but as I’ve gained experience and further qualifications I’ve been able to increase it over the years. What experience or qualifications do you have for tutoring?

In terms of the summer season, I got myself a summer job a few years ago. I dabble in it during the year to keep my toe in and then work the summer season 4 days a week.

Hey Alice, my experience/qualifications for tutoring is that I’ve got a Forensic Science BSc (Hons) Degree, and I’ve taught around 25+ hrs of Science lessons. I charge £20 per hour because of the 25% fee that this site takes, which means I can’t afford to go any cheaper.

I’ve also worked as a TA in Secondary/Primary schools. I was also training for a PGCE in Secondary Science but stopped that 2 years ago, as our 1st son was born then.

Hope this helps,

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My personal advice is to find your unique selling point. I started during my maths degree with only voluntary teaching experience. Since then, I’ve gained my degree, done hours of CPD, expanded my subjects into assistive software and study skills and I am on my way to becoming a dyslexia assessor. It’s not a quick fix by any means, but if you are planning to become a career tutor then it’s worth thinking about.

I should add it took me a few years to become a full time freelancer, it’s risky but so long as you take the right steps and have a backup plan it’s worthwhile. I worked a supermarket job for 5 years during and after my degree while tutoring to make ends meet, it’s something to consider.


I’m planning to become a Biology Teacher, and hope to complete my PGCE at one point.

The PGCE makes a huge difference and experience in classroom and exam requirements are what parents are looking for. and i can charge more because i have those. however you will have something special, as Alice said what is your USP?


My USP, as such, is that I’ve got a degree in Forensic Science which makes my Biology and Chemistry the 2 strongest topics of all 3 Sciences. I’m also working as a TA, which gives me the skills to interact with kids of any age and to use that to impart my knowledge of Science.

I’m passionate, enthusiastic and hard-working and hope that there are students out there who want the help.

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But you do not have PGCE so what makes you the tutor to hire? Quotes " he helped me understand" " I didn’t get this til he explained" you have to make your intro on tutorful resonate with students and parents, be explicit. I think TAs are brilliant when they have subject knowledge but you have to let parents understand you are an expert without PGCE title.

I have a Forensic Science Degree and an Enhanced DBS Check which shows that I’m qualified for this role. I don’t have the PGCE as, at that time, my wife was 16-days overdue, and she could’ve given birth at any moment, back in 2019.

Because of this, I have got the subject knowledge to do this work.