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Question/Feedback Request: How to Highlight New Tutors?

Hey everyone!

It’s your friendly Product Manager Natalie here! I hope you are all having a lovely Monday so far and had a great weekend!

I wanted to reach out to ask for feedback from our lovely tutors, as you are the ones most affected by our changes and are likely to have some wonderful ideas on how we can help new tutors gain students and how Tutorful can highlight them in a better way?

As you know, we currently have the “Jobs” board which students use to post jobs for tutors to apply to, but we know that when jobs do get posted, they are snatched up very quickly. This jobs board is often used by new tutors to gain students, but with the jobs being snatched up so quickly, we wanted to brainstorm other ways we can help new tutors gain students.

Some ideas that we’ve already had:

  • Send an email highlighting new tutors and why they are amazing!
  • Put a “featured tutors” section which allows new tutors to be featured for a set amount of time.

What are other things that you wish Tutorful had when you became a new tutor or wish you had as a current new tutor?

Thanks so much for your feedback and support, all your ideas are valuable and we appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Kindest regards,



Could you potentially include a filter along the lines of “hours available”? So students can search for the tutors with most availability during a week (in accordance with the non-booked availability) as, in theory, new students would have more hours available than experienced tutors? Bit of a stretch but it’s the best I can think of. It might also encourage tutors to ensure they are constantly updating their availability on a weekly basis.


Hi Basmati64!

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate your feedback! Our students will often speak of how having better understanding of availability is really important to them, so I think this is a great suggestion for both new tutors and making sure that students are finding tutors that have free spots! Thank you so much for your suggestion, great idea!

Kind regards,


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I think a ‘featured new tutor’ place on the first page of the search results for their subject would be ideal.

They should get a temporary boost of visibility to get some students so they have the opportunity to do well with those students, keeping their high scores (tutors start with 10/10 scores right?) and get some reviews and be high in the search rankings. So they should be set from there.


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the default scores are 5/10? It’s been a while now but I thought they were 5/10 when I first started.

I have no idea! It would be useful to know because increasing their initial scores could be another way to help them.

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I think there definitely needs to be something to help those who are new and struggling to get established (however, I also feel that tutors who have really good scores deserve something too, as a show of loyalty). I suggested on here earlier that tutors should be featured on Tutorful’s social media platform for a week or however long, maybe one in each subject? (Maths, Science, English, Music etc). I just feel there does need to be more as it’s so cut-throat and in my opinion the algorithm is flawed and can produce a lot of anxiety. It is hard when there is so much competition but really there should be enough students to go around. My advice - highlight new students on social media, and really step up the advertising campaign (which to be fair I know Tutorful are doing). Maybe target schools and areas that maybe need extra support?
I haven’t read it all - but I like the handbook - that gives good tips on how new tutors can help themselves too. I know you’re doing your best! Good luck with it!

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Hi JoeL and Katy!

Thank you both so much for your feedback and thoughts, they are always really valuable and thoughtful!

I think finding ways to highlight new tutors (either through a highlighted section on the search results page or through social media/emails to our students) is a great idea! Definitely something we have been considering internally as well, so it’s good to have that validated by all of you!

I know you are all busy, so your time and thoughts are very appreciated. Have a great rest of the day, and thank you again!

Kind regards,