Question about going back online

Hi, just a quick one - if you go back online do you get added to the list immediately or does it take time?

Back online now after a period away so let’s see what happens!

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Hi Katy, you should start showing again in the search results pretty quickly once you have switched back online! The best way to check would be to search for yourself after maybe an hour of being online and make sure you’re coming up. :slight_smile:

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My experience is that after returning to on-line status I appear on the lists as soon as I can get the first one loaded up on my monitor screen.


Thanks for letting me know! I had a look but couldn’t see myself, think I must be right at the bottom of the list! Oh well :frowning:

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Hello all! I would like to be back online but I cannot find anymore the button I was used to. Can you help me ?

Go to Dashboard on your profile, and on the right hand side the button is there! Hope that helps!