Prominence of Availability

I was just wondering whether this was something that I’m alone in dealing with or whether others are dealing with it too.

Having recently gone back online, I am receiving requests daily for students who are requesting days and times I do not have. Now I have messaged support about this in the past who are always very good at speedily removing these requests from our system so not to affect our scores but that doesn’t stop the problem at source.

I am wondering whether availability needs to be made more prominent in some kind of way on a tutor’s profile? Or whether something can be done so that requests that do not fit into a tutor’s availability can be discarded without us having to message tutorful to get them removed so that they do not impact our scores. Whenever I press the “unavailable at requested day/time” to reject a lesson it always comes up with ‘make sure your availability is regularly updated’ as though it’s something that we as tutors are responsible for when in reality it’s due to parents not taking the time to read our profiles.

Apologies if there’s already a thread on this, I can’t recall one but there more than likely is already.


I find this happens too. I have to make it clear to them what days I can do and offer them alternatives. I’ve found it’s something you have to do manually rather than clicking the automated option like “unavailable at requested time”. Not ideal :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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Sorry that someone found my reply to this offensive. I was not meant to offend, but encourage people to engage with this problem. Please, as it offends, keep it hidden. I don’t wish to defend it.


Yep, I’m always having people message me about days/times I’m not available, it’s pretty annoying

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I’ve had to reword my profile so that the first line is almost pleading for people not to contact me unless they have looked at my availability first. It’s so infuriating.

What’s also miffed me is before the Christmas break I was, again, trying to get some requests taken off my profile. The person helping me did get some of them removed but there were 3 requests that he didn’t remove because it was “unclear why they had chosen not to pursue further contact with me” or words to that effect.

I should point out at this point that ALL 3 requests were requests for 11+ pupils aka primary school pupils. In all cases, I enquired as to the availability of the pupil knowing full well that they would be wanting after-school support (which I do not have space for, both my bio and availability clearly state this) but having to go through the rigmarole anyway to satisfy advertising my services.

In all cases, I wasn’t replied to. I know it was because I didn’t have the availability that they needed but because I cannot prove it, these 3 requests stay on my profile and my booking score once again drops from 4/10 to 1/10 and I’m a whisker from my profile not being displayed.

I don’t see how this is fair. As I have stressed, there are enquiries in the past that I have not secured a booking from which I am happy to have left on my profile because those are the fault of myself for not securing the bookings. But I - and I’m sure I’m not alone in this - am being disadvantaged for not picking up bookings which are impossible for me to take. Cannot win.

Tutorful please just make the availability system to be like what it is when you book seats for the cinema, and have it update when you book someone in. Just link the lessons diary with the availability but block out the students names and have it on a weekly/monthly calendar.

One other problem with the way the lesson request function works is that - let’s say I have 5:30-6:30 booked, a student might request the slot at 5pm and they are expecting it to be an hour long lesson but the system makes them book half an hour - yet, they often don’t notice!

I like Duncan’s idea of making it like the seat booking in the cinema - either way, the user interface needs to be more intuitive.