Problems with screen sharing

I had a Spanish lesson today, had my student online and I was going to start delivering my lesson by sharing the screen and she couldn’t see my screen despite the tool advised me it was active, time was running and I remember that here in the forum another teacher had some kind similar problem and she ended up delivering her lesson through Skype, I had to react quickly and I asked my student if she had Skype and we had our session there. I sent a message to report my problem anyway. Have you had this problem before that the student couldn’t see your screen?

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Hi @Colomba :wave:,

I hope you’re well. Sorry to hear you experienced difficulties sharing your screen in the classroom recently!

It’s great to hear you have reported this issue. With further information, we can get this feature working for you.

In future, if you ever have problems during a lesson please contact our support team via 0114 383 0989 or and we would be more than happy to assist you from here.

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Thank you, Luke! I will bear in mind to contact support in the middle of the problem.
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I have had this issue often, and in occasions the students complain that the screen is blurry. Unfortunately, contacting technical support during a lesson isn’t feasible if you are pressed for time and have a lesson directly afterwards.


Google Meet is great for screen sharing. You just need a gmail account and don’t need to download any software.

@Dr_Edward_James Can you annotate shared screens with Google Meet?

Not that I’m aware of, but I’ve not personally ever felt that feature was lacking.

I have had this problem with most of my students when trying to screen share a reading book on oxford owl and also online books from CGP for maths etc. I didnt have this issue with the previous classrooms

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I have problems also with screen sharing. I use PowerPoints a lot in my teaching. I and can open the Powerpoint and we can both see it, however, as soon as I click on the ‘slide show’ in PowerPoint this overtakes everything else on screen so that I can no longer see my student. My student image is behind the PowerPoint screen and as a slide show takes over the whole screen I can’t figure out a way of seeing my student on top of the PowerPoint slide. Has anybody else experienced this problem and know how to fix it?

Hi, Colomba,
I had a similar issue this morning. The icon to select and share files from my computer was not even there! I had to quickly think on the spot, and as we were talking about a new novel, I was able to copy and paste some images from Google, otherwise I would have had no lesson at all! It’s really frustrating, and un-nerving when you can’t fix it.

Your all lucky with your blurred screens, I don’t even get the option to share, the button does nothing. Tried all the various browsers. Nothing. Nada.

You can, using a Chrome extension called AnnotateMeet (by Denis Sheeran). BUT its big limitation is that you can only annotate a “frozen screen” - you can’t use the mouse or keys to scroll through a PDF for example while you’re annotating, so you have to clear the whole annotation process and start again every time you want to scroll.

Hi @Miss_Sue,

Thank you for your message. (Just curious) do you have a second screen or just use the one in your set up?

PowerPoint slideshow is a function that does take over the entire screen and as it’s a third party platform, we cannot do anything about this.

However, have you ever tried downloading your PowerPoint into a PDF and uploading the document into the classroom? That way, you and your student could collaborate on the PowerPoint doc and you will also be able to see your student.

I hope this helps you and you are able to have a better experience in your next lesson.

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:joy: :joy: Sorry Sam, but I can’t resist pointing out that you are replying to a year old message. Better late than never though :joy: :joy:

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Hi Steven,

I did realise this after, apologies! :rofl:

In my defence, I only started in October last year and as someone recently replied to the thread, it brought the conversation to my attention.

Our team is currently looking into screen share changes though, so if there is any feedback, I’m happy to hear them!!

Wish you a lovely day!

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