Problems with new website?

Is anyone else having difficulties with the new teaching platform? I’ve experienced a loss of audio several times already, the only way to get it back seems to be to leave the lesson and come back in, which then means I have to re-upload all the files - which didn’t happen before. There also seems to be no way to upload a YouTube video; I teach several very young pupils so using clips to aid learning was very helpful, and when you screenshare there seems to be no sound. Also little things like the need for the pupil to scroll down to go the next page, rather than me just clicking to the next tab. Anyone else having similar problems?


Yes I cannot upload audio

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I had audio today.
Nothing else though.

To date 7 lessons attempted 2 aborted with full refund to parents.
5 times out of 7 it worked. This may be 71% but its not an A grade result.

The real victims here are the kids who have had a rough academic year who lose their on-line support shortly before exam time.

Can the old classroom be made available as an alternative to the new one ??

They’ve said no to me but you can make an account on LearnCube (the host of the old classroom) and send a link to the parents to join your lessons on there. That’s what I’m doing now

Thanks @ns.tutoring. I may have to do that.

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