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Primary Tutors/Resources

Hi all,

I have created this topic as I feel like it would be great to speak to people who are working with primary aged children (3-11 years) from EYFS to KS2 and would be a great place to share resources, ideas and talk about experiences etc. :woman_teacher:t3:

I would love to get to know more primary tutors as I am only tutoring this age group due to me being qualified to work with children of this age only.

I would also love to know how you set out your lessons, what you include, how you get to know them and what to cover, any possible reward systems, or even what topics/subjects you teach as I am happy to cover the majority of the curriculum but mainly teach Maths and English.

I look forward to seeing the replies! :relaxed:

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Hi! I mostly work with GCSE students but I tutor one 11-year-old and she’s by far my favourite student :joy:

It’s really refreshing to have the freedom to cover different topics when tutoring Primary. I have noticed that incorporating my student’s greatest obsession (Harry Potter) makes her enjoy our lessons so much more. When I first started tutoring her, we used to do typical word problems but she wouldn’t be able to focus and would just ask me random questions to avoid doing work. Now every single one of our lessons involves Harry Potter - whether that’s spelling, adding decimals or time problems. There are some excellent Harry Potter resources on TES, teacherspayteachers etc but I found that it’s easier to just make my own to make sure that the questions are appropriate level for her.

This is an example of a set of questions I would give her as homework. It’s a Google Form so it’s easy to mark because there’s no need for sending photos of work. And I love the fact that I can just duplicate it and change a few names and a few numbers and I’ll have a new set of questions for her.

She also enjoys Quizizz. This is a Harry Potter Fractions Quizizz I made for her. Their library is so vast. I can’t recommend Quizizz enough and you can use it for free! :heart:

Our main focus is Maths but we try to do a bit of everything in each lesson. Sometimes we do Science for 10 minutes and her favourite resource for this is WWF. She gets to pick an animal, then we watch a video or just take turns reading out loud the fun facts about the animal. This is a good opportunity to practice the spelling of scientific words such as “extinction”, “species”, “mammals” etc. Sometimes we take it deeper and have a chat about what we can do to help endangered species or about why they are endangered in the first place.

If I feel like my student worked particularly well during the lesson, we spend the last couple of minutes playing hangman on the whiteboard - it’s quick and fun but it’s still learning because it involves spelling and usually ends up being a Harry Potter quote (duuuh! :joy:)

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I make lessons plans each week and then with students I have twice a week we do tests to review what we have covered so far! Other students I have a log chart and log what we are covering.

I love Twinkl it’s been amazing for resources and gives you lesson planners and so on!


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I do primary. I have year 2, 3, 5 and 6 at the moment.