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Post lockdown regional meets

When we’re allowed to ‘live’ again, would anyone be interested in the occasional social meeting between tutors. I live in Kent and it would be nice to meet up with other local tutors sometime - maybe a lunch or some sort of activity. Does anyone else feel that this could have some merit?


I love this idea. I am in York and full time self employed tutor and it can get a bit lonely not having colleagues to chat to!


I’d totally be up for this! Although (unfortunately) I’m a bit far from you @TonyT and @heather
I live in Cheshire! :laughing:


It sounds fun! I think one thing that has been a drawback about being a tutor, is that I haven’t really met anyone else that does it. I think a lot of people have had the same experience.

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I think it’s a great idea, but I’m up in the North East!


Great idea! I live in London, so I’m sure there are other tutors in my area who would be interested in meeting up.

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Where about in the North East? I live not too far from Carlisle (just across the Scottish border) :smiley:

Lovely! I’m originally from Cumbria but now I live in Northumberland.

Interesting! I do think it’s a great idea but for me, my husband would be cross if I met blokes 1-1😂. However in groups is fine!

I’m quite central in Bicester and would love to walk around Bicester village if anyone fancies coffee and cake! I’m also quite close to Blenheim Palace!