Planning for September!

Day 1 of sorting out my September schedule: already double booked and basically full!
I always feel so excited when there’s a brand new plan to be made, but I find it very stressful! I keep a record but I have dyspraxia which means planning and arranging lessons is easily my most stressful thing! I love it though, but goodness I keep getting it wrong!

Do you guys have any tips?

Also, I’m terrified I do not have room for all my clients/regulars, which I feel incredibly guilty about - but I did text everyone at the same time and told them it was first come first served - but many want two lessons or lessons for siblings or what have you! How do you deal with it? I guess I’m so glad I’m in demand, but I’m frustrated there aren’t more hours in the day! I used to work weekends but now I’m fiercely protective of them - don’t want to work all the time!

Hope your planning is going well! :slight_smile:


I feel exactly the same and I have dyspraxia too. I can’t shake that feeling and feel overwhelmed when I get too many enquires.

I have had a busy summer and just have just a few gaps in my schedule but I feel like I have taken too many students. I don’t know what to do.


I am getting ready for two week’s off, probably the worst time to be off with new enquiries coming in but it’s the only time to see my grand-daughter. I have the opposite problem and know that I have gaps in my schedule and might miss the boat! I do have regulars coming back so that is a safety net but hope I will pick up some more upon my return.
I probably don’t plan as much as you guys, just try to clump my students together and teach the same topics, where I can obviously! It does help when I have gaps that I can prepare resources ahead, with A Level Psychology and Law the topics are set so can be used over and over again, with some tweaking for individual students, if that makes sense.


Scheduling is one of the most difficult issues when it comes to teaching, I find! I still have a paper diary to keep track of all of my appointments, and it helps me to visualise my days and see where I might still have some more space.
So far, it has always just seemed to somehow work out, with only a few people changing their slots each season. But I understand feeling overwhelmed when there are too many requests!
Good luck with your planning, everyone!


I use google calendar and it’s an absolute godsend. I used to do it all by paper diary, but there’s so much shuffling it is way easier online. As soon as there is a change, I put it in the diary immediately. It sounds so simple, but I struggled for ages before I started using it.
I also worry about fitting everyone in, and I shuffle as much as I can, but there really is just not much you can do if there isn’t space. You’ve done it in the fairest way.


Thanks for saying that, @heather - I’ve been worrying a bit as I’ve reset the lessons for everyone, rather than keep lessons in from last term, but I wanted to reset and allow everyone the chance to book in slots. I haven’t had any complaints yet, so fingers crossed!

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Never been so busy at this September. Also nearly fully booked for evenings. - including Fridays! The majority of students are new to me - and GCSE students. Think I’ve got it all planned without any double bookings but it may yet all go wrong!

Hello all…this is my first post on here so I hope I get this right!

I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over 15 years and have never found a better way to organise myself than using a paper weekly planner (Central Perk one obvs).

I wish I had one years ago on my desk so I remembered to attend staff meetings, turn up to insets on time and avoided double booking myself!!

I have one of those weekly planners, without dates, so I can rip off if I make mistakes.

If your lessons don’t change much, you could keep that page going for a while but I like to write a new page each weekend for my week ahead (almost like a quiz to see if I remember who is when!)

Enjoy the new term and meeting any new students, everyone! :relaxed:


I’m also a paper diary person - I fill it in every week and check my Tutorful bookings so I know what’s ahead,

BUT the biggest help for (I’m dyslexic and can find remembering dates tricky) is a whiteboard. Before I take on any new students, I write the days of the week and block out any students that are already booked. Then, around that, I create time slots with a 10 min 'transfer time between students. If I get a new enquiry, I look at my whiteboard to see if I have a slot available.

Of course, I can book extra one-off slots too, and remind myself in my paper diary. But my ‘master’ whiteboard is quite literally the best tutoring organiser I’ve had :laughing:

I found a website called Planboard (it is thankfully free) and that allows me the equivalent of a whiteboard and I can block out lessons, prep time and even put my lesson plans in there. I have built some classes i.e. Psychology A Level and as they are often covering the same topic I can just copy the lesson plans over into their slot each week. It has helped me immeasurably but I still have a mouse mat which is a weekly planner and I primarily use that when I am booking in students so I can avoid the double-booking issue.

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I’m using paper diary and probably always will. I guess I have fond memories of my time as a Secretary and I looked after multiple diaries for three doctors then !

I still gave spaces but be a they are all at the weekends and one in one evening I can’t seem to fill them. I could put another 7 students in my week.

If any one would like, if appropriate to recommend me I would appreciate the help. I’m getting no jobs coming up on my job board at all so can’t apply for any. My booking score is 10. My repeat client score has been effected by some awful requests recently some didn’t even show for a first lesson!

I teach most ages to adult and core subjects and most levels , also history and business studies.

I use a calendar, I think it’s a google calendar. I use my phone and a whiteboard which is stuck to my wall as a visual aid to plan my times and move students around.