Partial Refunds


If I have had a lesson normally charged at £30 and I would like to refund £10, then in response to the “Request Amount” prompt do I:

  1. enter £10 to request the amount I would like to be refunded to the student
  2. enter £20 to request the amount I would like to be paid for the lesson



Good question I’ve always wondered this too!

Would also be good if doing a refund didn’t put the lesson into the ‘cancelled lessons’ list with the consequence that it’s impossible to see when/if payment is processed on it.

I believe you request the amount that you wish to be refunded to the student.

That’s what I thought. I’d like to be sure though. I sometimes refund half, in which case it doesn’t matter, but in this case I’d like to refund a quarter, in which case it does :slight_smile:

I had a student cancel today two hours before the lesson and a message came through asking if I wanted to enforce the 50% charge. Is this new? I did not know whether i could have enforced the full charge or if this even an option anymore. I did not mind on this occasion as the student’s parent let me know straight after cancelling as to the reason why, but other times I might want to charge the full amount.

It’s not new, but you’ll only be asked if the student/client is the one who makes the cancellation. If you cancel the lesson for them then you will not be asked (which is something I would like Tutorful to change).

But could I have charged the full amount? It’s new to me but maybe it only kicks in within the 12 hour window, which I also don’t agree with - think it should be 24 hours but I know this is not something that Tutorful has budged on.

No - 50% for cancellation within 12 hrs of lesson start