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Parents lost in the new school exam changes!

Hey Community :slightly_smiling_face:

So I just wanted to put this out here, please help a parent who’s lost in the current education system!

After the recent event with the dreaded Covid, I’ve found myself feeling really uneasy with the unknown of what’s happening now. We haven’t had the best communication throughout various schools and different schools are advising different things.

With children in their final years such as GCSE or A-level, will everything just be as it was before and is the lack of schooling going to be taken into account when doing their exams?

Where do parents find out this information, what resources should we be keeping up to date with?

How do you keep on top of all the new changes to ensure that your kids are on track?

Please feel free to share your go to’s for advice, information and what your techniques are to relieve the stress or anxiety of not knowing what to do :heart:


Hi Annie!

Not a parent, but a (rather) stressed tutor who has had to deal with all of the changes and it’s been very difficult at times, though I imagine it’s harder for you as a parent! You have my sympathies! Is your child doing their ‘exams’ this year? I think the exam boards and teachers certainly have to take into consideration that pupils have lost so much schooling time, so I think they will try and be as lenient as possible. The good thing about exams being marked by teachers is that they know their pupils’ levels better than anyone, so that will help I think.
Every school at the moment is different which does not make it easy! Just make sure your child knows as much about their current text as possible (for Literature, say) or just knows different language techniques - can you tell what I teach?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Read articles on this site; they often have a lot of information. Posting on here is good too; hope you get lots of advice. Also, check exam boards of the subjects your child is taking; they post exam info and interesting stuff that will help.

I think (hope!) next year things will be back to normal.

Best of luck, reach out if you need anything, and thanks for posting on here. Hopefully you’ll get lots of support :slight_smile:

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Hi Annie - its so easy to get lost in the noise, it seems to me that parents want simple straightforward advice and direction. Tutors will give that but its expensive and they only know their own specialism. Throwing money at the problem (e.g revision guides) wont necessarily solve it. My advice would be to use BBC Bitesize revision online - not only subjects covered but will also tailor to exam boards - OCR AQA Edexcel etc, each section ends with topic revision and a test - accessible, re-assuring, practical and anxiety reducing. I am a history tutor with 30 years teaching experience - I still look at it!. Hope this helps
Paul (History Ambassador for Tutorful)

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Hey Katy,

Luckily my son is only in his first year, but for me i’m worried about all the months study lost so far. I hear people talk about how children are resilient and they will catch up, I just want to make sure that parents like me know where we can turn to for advice and help.

Thank you so much for reaching out!

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Hi there,

That is a fantastic shout! I’m sure many parents don’t think to utilise these channel.

Very helpful, thank you!