Other jobs alongside tutoring

What does everybody do outside of tutoring?
Do you still teach in schools? Tutor full time? Do you run another business?

I started tutoring while I was in schools, then went from a teacher to a TA and built up my hours, then went to full time tutoring.


My main job is research at university and the tutoring is kind of a side gig. Postdoctoral contracts are fixed term and usually people travel around working at different universities going from one short contract to another. I really couldn’t be bothered with that and I like working at Cardiff University and living in Cardiff. So I worked out that I can tutor between contracts while I wait until we have more funding.

Earlier this year I was working at university and teaching several online classes in the evenings and at weekends. So before the academic year ended I was extremely busy.


I’m sort of doing a few things at once…

This academic year I’m taking an intensive course in the daytime so will tutor in the evening. I used to also work as a TA with tutoring as extra, however with tutoring I enjoy the variety more (various subjects, ages etc) as well as the freedom to choose my work pattern. So my intention longer term is to increase tutoring.

I’m also qualified to give independent careers advice, though I’m not actively freelancing in that this year, though I do offer it through ‘tuition’. It’s not something that parents generally buy into, thinking that it is all school-based or not something needed…though sound independent careers advice is IMHO just as important as good grades :slight_smile:

I have my own small arts business (I paint and sell originals, commissions, greetings cards etc). This is mainly online now. Hard to make a living unless you do it full-time and even then…

I’m quite involved in sports and most weekends either at events or volunteer coach.

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Tutoring is my main job, although I’m having difficulty getting enough students at the moment due to my chosen schedule, so I would be open to combining it with another, remote job.

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I tutor alongside teaching 2 days a week. I’m hoping to be in a position to drop the teaching in a few years and rely on the tutoring

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I used to work in a bowling centre combined with my tutoring before the pandemic hit and the not so surprising redundancy lol. But I’ve gone big with trying to turn tutoring into a full time thing and I am finally hitting and getting beyond ‘break even’ figures this year which has been great!

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I work at a college part time (18 hours) as a tutor assessor, teaching on the level 3 diploma “supporting teaching and learning” course. Basically training people how to be teaching assistants. With that and tutoring privately, I’m nearly full time but not quite.

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Tutoring is my main income but I do occasionally get work from an agency. I am trying to build up the tutoring to full time so I don’t have to work for the agency as they are so unreliable.

They give me one student recently who I have had one session with and now the school have moved him onto alternative provision , I wish they would make their minds up and stop wasting my time.

I am desperately seeking other students again now at the beginning of the year!

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I am still tutoring, but also work in a Virtual school (self-employed) as a Biology teacher, academic mentor and content creator. I have several contracts with Pearson and also make and sell resources on the TES. I have started writing a course for sale on Udemy.