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Online Only: Clients Are Unaware

It seems to me that Tutorful’s communication about being now an online-only platform is not working very well.

The requests I get are frequently for in-person sessions, and occasionally from people living on the other side of the country.

Could Tutorful do more to clarify to clients that tuition is now only available online?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it seems the ‘demand’ for in-person tuition has not declined at all despite the assertions from Tutorful to the contrary.


If anything, I’m finding it more demanding to have to keep rejecting clients on the basis that we no longer offer it.

It’s a frustrating state of affairs which benefits neither client nor tutors, but probably helps with Tutorful’s bottom line.

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I never understood the reason to remove the option.

How have they gained …

Surely turnover would be higher if they included face to face

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I think it achieves two things:

  1. It removes the friction of travel-time as a bottleneck meaning that active tutors can teach more lessons per day increasing Tutorful’s commission.

  2. It lowers the price for clients making them more amenable to buying (more) lessons. The change forces us to compete with the entire population of tutors which means lowering rates to stay competitive. This particularly sucks for tutors based in cities like London where most agencies won’t pay you less than £35 p/hour. But these are often considered ‘London rates’, and it isn’t unusual to have graduates charging £15 p/hour outside of major cities.

This is what unions are for!

Edit: Perhaps they also have data which suggests that people are less likely to bypass Tutorful when the arrangement is online only. If all communication were on-platform which seems to be the goal, it would be harder for tutors and clients to make alternative arrangements such that Tutorful doesn’t get a cut. Certainly removes the potential for clients to offer to pay in cash upon a home visit.