No shows and last minute reschedules

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how everyone deals with no shows? I recently had a student who rescheduled a lesson on the same day, I thought to be lenient and let it go as I was free anyway. The student then didn’t show up to the lesson - at all - and said they thought it was for a different day and spoke as if it was my own misunderstanding. Bear in mind, I always confirm the date and time of lessons before booking, and they agreed with the date I had set. There was no way they could have gotten that wrong, especially after rescheduling on the same day. How am I supposed to deal with situations like this? I feel like, as the tutor, I am unable to point out that students are in the wrong sometimes. It’s quite frustrating because of the time I had spent waiting.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



It can be difficult to be tough sometimes, but I think you’d be completely justified in charging for the lesson. Do you have evidence that you confirmed the lesson time, like a message or text? if so, you can use that as evidence with Tutorful if the student disputes the charge.

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In a situation like this I would say something like “As we agreed on (day/time), the lesson was at…”. If this was clearly confirmed via written communication there’s no room for confusion. Even if it was over the phone they get notified by Tutorful and they can check it on their own calender so there shouldn’t be any ambiguity anyway. I would always recommend discussing this via messaging though.

Regardless, if everything is as you say and there aren’t any other factors affecting it then I would definitely charge for the session. Whilst I’m generally understanding, there does need to be a limit and respect for your time. Strictly speaking they owed a cancellation fee for the original session which you have effectively waived. Messing you around even more after you’ve done that for them is nothing to encourage.


I’ll be honest I have charged students but then lost them as they didn’t like they were charged I explained this was told to them and when this happens I normally send a reminder to all my students and sadly now I just let it go unless they want to reschedule.

Last week I had a student cancel 20 minutes before I was preparing lessons and sat waiting and I asked to reschedule but they didn’t. So I lost out. It’s really disappointing but it’s sometimes how it goes. Now I like to tell students ahead but that still doesn’t work you are able to charge them 50 percent of the lesson. They can take up with Tutorful if they think something is wrong.


If a student doesn’t turn up to their lesson, I charge full price, unless there’s a really good reason why.


I once waited for a student 20 minutes for a lesson when they weren’t replying to my calls and messages. Eventually they responded that they forgot and would be there in an hours time, which of course was pointless since I had other classes at the end of the hour.

I charged the full price for the class since I’d spent time there waiting and the student let me know after the lesson had started, and only after I had tried to get in contact with them. They decided anyway to cancel the rest of their lessons as they thought that me enforcing the charge was unreasonable, and were quite rude about it too.

That’s been my worst experience of situations like these. It was really upsetting to see how little they valued my time and work.

Luckily the majority of students have been great and a lot more understanding


Thanks for all the responses everyone, it helps knowing that other tutors have been through the same thing. In retrospect I now know I should have charged the student, I would have the cancellation policy to back me up anyway. I just found it hard to be firm, especially as I am a relatively new tutor and worry about losing students but I guess there does have to be a limit to how much I can be messed around :confused: I’m learning as I go!

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You could have charged them - or not! Honestly there are good arguments on both sides. Ultimately, different tutors will work out over time what principle they want to live with.

I personally wouldn’t charge them for doing that, but that’s because of how much I personally value keeping the client relationship positive. You might feel differently though, there isn’t a ‘right’ answer to this - just what principle suits your mind.

Of course even I have my limits, but it’s not a student rescheduling and then not turning up. However your point about them suggesting it’s your fault doesn’t sound good - I wouldn’t appreciate that.

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Thats happened to me a few times as well. It is frustrating. I ask them if they want to reschedule or charge them full price.

Currently sat waiting around yet again for a student. Half an hour in, no response to my messages. It feels like this particular holiday period more than any other has been taxing in terms of establishing consistency.

Thanks to the responses above though I’ve been feeling far more confident and assertive in dealing with these situations though so thankyou to the responders!


Anyone put there waiting for students - make sure you read your e mails
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Oh, yes, unfortunately this can happen. I find particular times of year - holidays, Christmas, new students, it happens more frequently.

I tend to charge full price UNLESS: it’s exceptional circumstances or it’s a regular student who is normally very good and can reschedule for that week. It’s important to remember that you have a right to charge full price and to politely remind students and parents of this fact.


Usually let the first cancellation I let go without charge. I do however point out tutorful s policy .

Further lessons does depend on circumstances. Some students have good reasons and in those circumstances I consider waiving the booking fee again.