No enquiries...ever

Hi there. my name is Vicki and I’m a singing tutor based in London. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to put the feelers out there and ask - are others in the same boat as me? My profile went live at the end of January and I have not had a single enquiry. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Are there things I should/could be doing that I’m not? Feedback would be most welcome. Thanks.

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Hi @Victoria_Sings ,

Do you regularly check the jobs board? It’s also worth noting that sometimes there are different jobs on both the app and website, so remember to check both.

I don’t know how much interest there normally is in singing tuition since that’s not one of my subjects, but it might be due to the pandemic. In addition, we all used to get more enquiries when Tutorful supported in-person tutoring. Now you’re competing against every other singing tutor on the platform instead of the handful in your local area.

Hi Vicki!

It’s always very hard when you’re first starting out - you rarely get people contacting you, you have to apply for as many jobs as you can on the job board just to get yourself out there. It’s tricky right now as it’s a weird time, but I think next year there will be more enquires. I’ve spoken to Tutorful about how they can make it easier on new students because it can be very deflating when you’re not getting anywhere. Keep smiling, keep advertising, and keep your prices low for now…can always increase when you’re more established! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


The key thing for me when starting out on this website was to make sure that my prices were very low. It doesn’t feel great but it’s an investment. You have to get book students who become repeat clients so you get high scores and reviews, so that your profile appears higher in the search rankings and that way you get more students. Then you can raise your rate.

The problem with starting out at your normal rate is that there are likely other tutors on this website with similar experience/qualifications charging the same rate as you, and yet since they have been here longer they will have many positive ratings from previous students displayed on their profile, many hours of lessons completed listed, and perhaps higher in the search rankings. So the question is why would a client choose you over them? You have to encourage the choice somehow and personally I can’t think of a way other than underselling yourself at first as an investment. That’s how I did it anyway! If there is a better way then that’s slightly awkward for me but it is what it is!


It takes a while when starting out, but I think there is some good advice here. Keep your rates low and reply to adverts on the jobs board. Good luck!

I agree with you Joel. Building up the client base is important and starting out cheaper will ensure that if a search is done on cost you will appear higher in the ratings.

I’m getting nothing either , whether I’m online or not. There are no jobs coming up on my job board to apply for. It’s just a good job I’m busy with other work as well.