No Contact with parents - How you deal?

Dear all
Would like to hear from other tutors regarding no contact from parents?
I have a weekly lesson with a particular student in the evening for Grammar School entrance exam which is happening in October. As they are not always available at the same time/day I speak to parent at the end of the lesson to set up the next lesson. This has been working well until the last lesson when there was a problem with the online classroom during the last few minutes so we didnt get chance to set up the next lesson.
I have sent them a message via Tutorful, plus an email and a text message but no response so I didnt set up a lesson for the ‘usual’ time/day. Still no contact not even to say they dont want lessons
Kinda feeling disappointed and sad that we obviously didnt have as much as a positive relationship as I thought. Not bothered in a sense there potentially are no more lessons especially as its summer so means more free time for me but to hear from them would be nice - dont you think?

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