New tutor looking for suggestions

Hello everyone,

Just looking for a little advice. I am new to Tutorful, I signed up about 2 months ago and I am struggling to get my first job. I was told the summer would be quiet so I’ve waited, but would just like to ask anyone if you have any tips to start getting work.
I am a fully qualified primary teacher (taking a break to look after my young children) with 7 years experience and I currently tutor for the National Tutoring Programme, but this is my first time doing it independently. I have set my rate to £25 per hour, which I feel is quite competitive for my qualification, but maybe I am charging too much. I keep applying for the odd job that is placed on the job board, but they either want someone in person or I don’t hear back. Maybe my profile needs more information?

Any suggestions welcomes

Thank you in advance


Hi Dani, I hope it picks up for you soon.
I would recommend going as cheap as possible to get a few initial bookings. This will mean you can get reviews and boost your booking and repeat client score (which affect where you appear in the search results). I personally started at the minimum, £15 per hour, but now have my rate set higher than that. You can change your rate later for new students you pick up

Remember that students will only be looking for one tutor usually, so you need to show that you’re the best for them compared to all others they will see. Without reviews or a star rating this is going to be very difficult.


Can only echo what Dylan said really.

The only thing I’d add to what he said is to maybe turn your lack of tutoring experience to your advantage. You can emphasise your teaching experience but also point out to students that because you are newer to the tutoring scene, you currently have lots of time on your hands and will use that to provide the very best to that student.

Otherwise it’s difficult to know what to suggest without knowing what your profile looks like.

All the best with finding those students!


Hi Dani!

I’m a Product Manager at Tutorful working with the development team. We are working on adding a new feature to our site that allows students/parents to filter based on tutors who have a QTS, which I presume you have? If so, I would suggest updating your profile so that you have this information saved in your profile, that way when students/parents filter based on teachers who have a QTS, they’ll be able to find you more easily!

I’m really sorry you’re struggling to get your first job, but we appreciate you so much and I highly recommend reaching out to our Tutors team, who would be more than happy to give you some great advice on your profile!

Kindest regards,


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Hi Dani, with QTS you should charge at least £25ph, please don’t be tempted to drop it as you have to bear in mind commission and also decent lesson prep time, log in and resource upload, plus the fact that you’ll need to spend time communicating and promoting yourself.
Language schools charge £40-50ph 1:1. At £25ph also I am good value!
People charging just £15ph are essentially NOT paying themselves even NMW.
You have to apply for lots of jobs on the jobs board to get a return. They go quickly, sometimes in minutes. Use a desktop app as the mobile app doesnt update the same. At the moment there are plenty as it’s a new school term.
If you teach primary, make sure you fill in all the possibilities for what you can tutor.
Good luck :slight_smile: it takes a while to develop.

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Just a thought; whilst I understand why you might want a filter, just having QTS isn’t a good indicator that the person will be a good 1:1 tutor. QTS is for classroom teaching within a specific system. My main subjects are not taught in the national curriculum and I’m therefore unlikely to ever do a PGCE (not to mention the cost).
1:1 is a specific skillset. Are you also going to include QTLS? What about subject-specific teaching qualifications that will not fall under QTS/QTLS such as CELTA/DELTA for EFL? What about knowledge that covers specific exam formats?
Sorry, but if a student wants help preparing for the IELTS exam, an English teacher with QTS won’t be much help if they aren’t familiar with IELTS.


Hi art82,

These are all really great suggestions, thank you so much for taking the time to reply! We currently store QTS in our system, so it was an easy filter to add, but all of these other options are really useful! I will add them to our list of filters to look at adding in the future, and I really appreciate you taking the time to educate me, this is a very useful post! :slight_smile:

I’ll be back in touch once we have a bit more information on how we would implement this, but I appreciate your time and feedback!

Kind regards,


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Personally this will make it worse for as I have none of these. My qualification is a university certificate in teaching in LLL. It was the first year of the original Cert Ed which was replaced with DELTA.

I have found that talking to the parents I’ve had over the years, they deliberately did it want a QTS teacher because they felt that’s where their child was having difficulties in the standard teaching practises.

I think there are many benefits from teachers who have years of experience in education like myself instead of the traditional route into just teaching in school for a specific age group.