New Feature: Tutor Profiles Update

Hi everyone!

I popped on last week to let you know that our shiny new tutor profiles were being released soon and I’m really happy to let you know that the update is now live.

You can see your new profile layout by visiting your profile tab while logged in to your account.

We hope you love them as much as we’ve enjoyed designing and building them, lots of work has gone into getting them more up to date and in line with our new brand.

If you have any feedback or questions, please let me know!



Just like to say I love the new design! It really emphasises what you’ve achieved so far as a Tutor on the platform.

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I have 13 5* reviews and 1 4* review. This new profile causes this to be represented at a “4.9” score.

However, I see some other tutors have a few 4* reviews but so many 5* reviews that it displays their score as 5.0.

I was wondering what ratio of 5* reviews to 4* reviews is needed to a tutor’s review score to display at 5.0? It seems quite an important prominent distinguishing feature now so I’m interested in how I can get 5.0 and don’t feel great that simply one 4* review brings it down from that despite 13 5* reviews.

I have 14 5 stars and 1 4 star review and I am at 4.9 too lol no idea when it will tip back into 5, if ever :rofl:

You’ve had 14 reviews total, right?

13 are 5* so 13 x 5 = 65
1 is 4* so 1 x 4 = 4

65 + 4 = 69. 69 / 14 = 4.928 (4.9 to 1dp)

Presumably you need to get a 4.95 for it to round up to 5* average which means you need nineteen 5* reviews and one 4* review as 99 / 20 = 4.95


That makes sense! This issue came up before regarding the number of stars that would be displayed on a profile in the tutor search lists. If you got below 4.95 then it would appear as 4 and a half stars. Tutorful did change the way the system works for the profile display stars.

This is a slightly different matter - the review score number is more precise than the stars and it’s on the profile rather than just the search box. So it’s not as much as a problem. However I still think that 4.95 is too high a bar for rounding up to 5.0. It shouldn’t just take one 4 star review to round 19 x 5 star reviews down.

I had this problem once.
Since then I have moved to 22 5 * reviews & One 4* review Mean 4.956 rounds up to 5.0
Logically I should try to get another 17 or 18 5* reviews so that a second 4 * review would not drop my average back down to 4.9

However, it has always been my policy to never pester parents and/or students for a review & I’m not about to change the policy.

I suspect 23 unsolicited reviews from 76 repeat students (that is 30% have sent in a review) is typical. Comments anyone ?

I think the approach I’m going to take going forward is that if a parent leaves a 4* review, then at the end of the year once the student has their exam results and things have gone well, then I might send them an email requesting that they contact tutorful and ask to upgrade their review to a 5*.

I’ve had 25 from 64 at 39% so not massively different

I’ve had 18 reviews from 47 repeat students.
Thats a good idea @JoeL . I never thought of doing that.

I’ve personally had a 3 star review from a parent so I basically told them that I musn’t be a good match for your kid. They came back and begged me to tutor them again so I can’t have been worth a three star then!

In the moment, I was deeply angry but it is more better to focus on the positives and hope parents read the reviews to see if I am a good fit for their kid.

Fellow 4.9’er here, and that’s exactly how I look at it! It’s just Math really, and while I’m not happy with that 4-star review (it reads better than some of my 5-star reviews!), I feel that to an extent it actually lends some authenticity to the scoring. Like when you see 5-star reviews across the board on other sites and you can’t help but think, are they all just fake?

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