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New feature on Classroom: Polygons

Afternoon all and happy Monday!

I’m thrilled to announce that after receiving quite a bit of feedback on providing more shapes, your prayers have been answered: Introducing polygons!

This comes along with a few tips to make the perfect shapes for you:

  • Once you’ve picked your shape you can hold and drag the shape to your choosing
  • However, if you hold down your Shift button as you drag, it will make the perfect shape of your choice
  • And lastly, to change the angle of the shapes, eg. a triangle into a right angle triangle, you need to draw your shape onto the whiteboard, select the cursor tool, hold down shift and drag the shape to change the angles

Please see these options demonstrated below:

We are looking to make more changes so your experience in the classroom is as smooth and productive as possible. I am personally interested in chatting to users particularly about the classroom so if you have ideas and are willing to organise a 30-minute chat with me, feel free to DM me to arrange a good time for us to jump on a call.

Stay tuned for more exciting features in the Tutorful classroom!

All the best,



Hi Sam, hopefully I’ve got this right and this DM. ( not very tech savvy ) yes I have some views on the classroom. Overall it is good. How do I organise the chat ?

Hi @NiftyNige, that’s fab I will DM you to arrange a time we can chat.