New feature on Classroom: Polygons

Afternoon all and happy Monday!

I’m thrilled to announce that after receiving quite a bit of feedback on providing more shapes, your prayers have been answered: Introducing polygons!

This comes along with a few tips to make the perfect shapes for you:

  • Once you’ve picked your shape you can hold and drag the shape to your choosing
  • However, if you hold down your Shift button as you drag, it will make the perfect shape of your choice
  • And lastly, to change the angle of the shapes, eg. a triangle into a right angle triangle, you need to draw your shape onto the whiteboard, select the cursor tool, hold down shift and drag the shape to change the angles

Please see these options demonstrated below:

We are looking to make more changes so your experience in the classroom is as smooth and productive as possible. I am personally interested in chatting to users particularly about the classroom so if you have ideas and are willing to organise a 30-minute chat with me, feel free to DM me to arrange a good time for us to jump on a call.

Stay tuned for more exciting features in the Tutorful classroom!

All the best,



Hi Sam, hopefully I’ve got this right and this DM. ( not very tech savvy ) yes I have some views on the classroom. Overall it is good. How do I organise the chat ?

Hi @NiftyNige, that’s fab I will DM you to arrange a time we can chat.

Graph Paper and Tracing Paper (if possible) would make fantastic additions!

Hi Sam,

Sorry to be a bit of a downer, but I still think basic functions are not right in the new classroom. The text box in particular is very difficult to use at times; it duplicates text boxes often and sometimes they can be hard to delete.

I must confess though, I think it’s looking better than ever; many things are improving so much, but for me, I can’t say it’s great until simple (I assume!) issues like the text box improve.


Not at all, I appreciate you giving us feedback about the Classroom. The text box is something we are aware of and currently working out ways to improve it, as well as including such features like subscript and superscript.

As we are looking to change the behaviour and add on new features, I won’t be able to tell you a time to expect this as we are also working on making bigger whiteboard space beforehand (re: the survey we sent out on Friday).

I will be sure to post a message on Community when the text box feature has been improved and completed.

@Basmati64 the graph (16x16) is also something we are looking to include with the grid (8x8) function we recently added. Could you tell me a bit more what you mean by tracing paper, what are you trying to achieve in your lessons when using tracing paper?

Your feedback will help heaps!

Many thanks both, speak soon,

The tracing paper is a very minor one but I have a fair few maths students of upper primary age and the one lesson in that curriculum that I’ve always found impossible to replicate online is rotating shapes so any function that could facilitate that would be good (but I understand that’s very low priority).

The graph function sounds exciting!

Hi @Basmati64

Thank you for explaining further, I think this would be an effective feature for the Classroom and I will definitely take it into consideration for the future!

I cannot tell you when more grid options (graph and dotted) will be released but I will definitely let you know once it’s due.

Many thanks again.

Yes I’ve used tracing paper for explaining rotation of shapes.

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With the overhead webcam, it points down onto the work desk.