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New Feature: Keyword Search

Good morning everyone!

Natalie, Tutorful Product Manager here! I’m pleased to announce we’ve released our new keyword search filter in our filtering sidebar! Here’s some information about what this means and to give you some more background!

What’s happened?

At Tutorful, we have a wealth of dedicated and experienced tutors from our students to choose from, and while we have recently added in a new filtering feature that allows students and parents to filter based on their requirements for the ideal tutor, there are still nuanced requirements that students and parents have asked to be able to filter on.

Keyword search is a tool that allows students and parents to seek out tutors with specific expertise, essential qualities, or qualifications beyond the essential filters (subject, price, availability).

What are some examples of keywords to search?

Genres or subcategories within a subject

  • If the student or parent is looking for a music tutor, they can use keywords like “Jazz” or “Rock” to narrow down to the specific type of music they are looking to learn.
  • If the student or parent is looking for an English tutor who has more of a focus on “Poetry,” using the keyword “Poetry” will narrow down tutors who specialise.

Exam boards and qualifications

  • If the student or parent is looking for a tutor who specialises in a specific type of exam board, like a GCSE Maths tutor who has experience working with the “AQA” exam board, try typing in “AQA” to find the right exam board specialised tutor.
  • If the student or parent is looking for a tutor who has experience teaching children and young people who need extra support, or require an advanced programme of learning, try using “SEN” in the keyword search.

Tutor qualities and characteristics

  • If the student or parent wants to find a tutor who has a more friendly or patient approach to teaching, try using “Friendly” or “Patient” in the keyword search.
  • If the student or parent wants someone who focuses on vocabulary for learning a foreign language, try using “Vocabulary” in the keyword search.

How do I use the keyword search?

Students will be presented with the option to include a keyword into their search criteria:

The search results will then prioritise tutors that have any keyword featured somewhere on their profile bio - it’s that simple!

As a tutor, all that you need to do is keep your profile bio informative and accurate, and this feature will do the work for you.

Why has Tutorful rolled out this feature?

For students:

Keywords will not only enable students to find the most suitable, relevant tutors for their needs, but will also cut down the time they spend searching for one.

For tutors:

As a tutor, the keyword feature will help to highlight your areas of expertise, and key skills. While this is something we have always encouraged you to do within your biography, this new feature will operate in the background to help bring your bio forward, and reduce the number of suitable students who skipped your profile on the search results.

For everyone:

By streamlining students with specific needs, to tutors with the necessary skills, keywords will cut down on the number of ‘mismatch’ situations, and enable more students to successfully book a lesson with Tutorful.

Tips and tricks

As a tutor, we are not asking you to do anything new to optimise your profile for students to find you. Providing that your profile is up to date and informative, the keyword feature will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Some things to make sure you are including in your bio are:

  • Any specific areas you are very knowledgeable about within a subject (for example ‘Creative Writing’ or ‘Poetry’ within English, or ‘Vocabulary’ for a foreign language)
  • Any exam boards that you have experience marking, or have experience teaching towards
  • Any traits that you feel you particularly excel at, such as a ‘Patient’ or ‘Friendly’ tutor
  • Any experience you have teaching children and young people who need extra support, or require an advanced programme of learning

It is just as important as ever that tutors remain honest in their profile bio. This new feature will assist students in finding a tutor that self-declares the qualities they are looking for - failing to back up these claims will certainly result in unsatisfactory experiences.

Thank you so much, have a lovely day!



Looks good!

Once it’s been used for some time, would it be possible for tutorful to publish a list of the most popular keyword searches organised by subject, so that tutors can make sure they have all the keywords that accurately describe them added to their profile?

I like the warning you added that tutors should make sure they are honest and accurate in their profiles - certainly if they advertise themselves falsely to get more students that would likely lead to bad reviews so that’s good disincentive to misuse this system.

Also, this is slightly unrelated - but I was wondering how the ‘popular’ search filter works? What criteria does it take into account?

Hi Joel!

Thank you so much for your response and feedback! I think having a list of keywords to help optimise your profile is a great idea! Currently we’re tracking the keywords and what’s being used and it’s still early days, but we’ll make sure to report back as we get more information! Thanks for the suggestion!

The popular search filter takes into consideration the tutor’s repeat clients, but it’s something we’re monitoring to see if it’s being widely used or if there are other ways to show “popularity”. Any thoughts you have are welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your thoughts!


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I don’t know how feasible this would be, but you could even recommend to clients which key words would be useful to search for based on the particular subject they want.

Perhaps once they have entered in a subject they are searching for, a tool tip type text box could appear pointing to the keyword search with recommendations of what to search for, for that particular subject.

I only tutor two subjects so I don’t know how useful this would be in general, but I know for religious studies it would be very useful - a lot of messages are from students trying to find a tutor who does a specific exam board, especially a rare one like the Pre-U or IB/EB. There’s also a big issue of students trying to find a tutor who teaches religion rarely chosen by a school to tutor, such as Judaism or Buddhism.

If parents were prompted, they could be informed that they were searching for something rare (if they didn’t know) and then see a list of tutors who taught those rare things, assuming the tutors mention that in their profile which they should!

As I said I don’t know how relevant it is for other subjects but I imagine it might be!

Regarding the ‘popularity’ search filter - that’s interesting that it’s based on repeat clients - is that a bit different from the repeat client score? Cause my repeat client score is usually 10/10 but I appear lower on the popularity filter than I do on the recommended.

I actually think it’s a great idea for the filter to be based on repeat clients - that way a new tutor who doesn’t have many hours taught could appear high on the popular search filter if they have been really successful at getting their first students to all book further lessons.