New feature in the Classroom: Tutor camera and microphone controls

Good afternoon, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Another announcement from the Classroom team! We’ve now released tutor controls for the student’s camera and microphone.

Tutors view:
tutor mic cam control

Students view:
student control mic cam

A number of reasons. There have been cases where the student may seem like they’re having video/audio difficulties but in fact they have their camera switched off or they’ve managed to mute themselves but the tutor had no idea.

Another scenerio might be that the background noise may be a bit too noisy or distracting for the tutor to carry on with their lesson.

With this feature, tutors will now be able to see the student’s camera and microphone controls and also prompt the student to start their camera or unmute their microphone. For safeguarding purposes, we’ve added a permissions pop up where the student will receive a prompt to accept or reject the permissions, whichever the option the student chooses the tutor will be informed.

The tutor can also switch off the students camera or mute their microphone with no permissions needed.

As the GIF’s demonstrate above, just click the camera/microphone button on the student’s blank video, and a pop up will appear to make sure you’d like to ask the student to unmute or start their video. If they reject, you will get a notification on the whiteboard informing you, if they accept the mic/video will switch on.

We’d like to hear from you on this new feature and we hope it’s helping to make the experience of Tutorful’s classroom as smooth and productive as possible.

Best wishes,