New feature in the Classroom: Text formatting

Good evening and happy Wednesday!

We’re excited to announce that we have just released text formatting in our classroom!

May-11-2022 14-57-22

To improve the classroom experience and unlock better presentation when teaching a lesson. Whether you want to emphasise a point in your lesson notes with bold, italic or underline or show corrections effectively using strikethrough, it’s now there for you.

What else?
This is just the beginning! In time, we will be looking into more formatting options to be added here like text colour, alignment, different fonts and much more!

We encourage any thoughts you may have to improve this new feature.

As the GIF demonstrates above, just click your text function in the toolbar, make a text box and type as you normally do and the text formatting will then show just on top of your text box, giving you the options to bold, italics, underline, strikethrough or even delete the whole textbox if it was no longer needed!

You can practice this new feature in our demo classroom before your next lesson.

Thank you to those we have already spoken to, we aim to make the experience of Tutorful’s classroom as smooth and productive as possible and we appreciate your input on this.

Best wishes,


Very useful! Another good update. Is the double text box glitch gone? Can’t say I’ve noticed it in the last few days so I’m hoping it has !

Hi @Basmati64,

Thank you!

We have taken a look at the glitch that was happening and it has been fixed, however, if you do see anything out of the unknown, please let us know and we will look into it!

Wish you a lovely evening and take care,

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I’m so happy with this update! No more drawing my own lines underneath headings :joy:


I can imagine that was annoying! Happy underlining! :smiley:

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For me, the text box is in the way. Could you put it below where we are trying to write? It’s more important to me teaching secondary age students to have a sensible size of font (not font size for a primary school age), and to have space to write, but the text box as it is now, covers up the question that my students need to read. We are working on exam questions, so obviously a lot of text is involved.

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Hi @mrsr

Thank you for sharing this great point. I’ve taken this to our team to discuss a workaround to achieve a better experience when using text formatting.

I also wanted to update that we have now added font size to the text formatting toolbar so you can now change the font size of selective text in the same text box, enabling you to add titles, subheading and body to increase your lessons presentation.


Watch this space for more additions and improvements to the text formatting toolbar.

Kind regards,

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Yaaaaaaay! I’ve been waiting for about two years for an improvement so that we can alter the font size. Brilliant. Thank you. Another thing that would be an improvement to increase the width of the text box. It is too narrow, It would be sensible to make it as wide as the page. But, hey! Thank you for the font size. That will be a game changer.

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