New feature in the Classroom: Background colours (SEND)

Hey there!

We’re so excited to share this new feature with you after receiving feedback from our tutors, especially those who teach students with SEND. We have recently released background colours!

You are no longer stuck with just a white background, you can now change the background colour to warm yellow or cool blue to help you and your student become more comfortable in your lesson.

Here’s what they look like with our new grids:


Some people have stronger visual and sensory processing abilities, including those with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Warmer colours like red, orange and yellow provide a high level of stimulus and are not good for students with ADHD. Warm neutrals such as tan or sand are ideal colours and go-to choices for literal classrooms in schools.

Cooler colours like green, blue, grey and violet promote calm and feelings of well-being. Good choice for individuals with ADHD or a hypersensitive variation of autism.

And, many people with dyslexia are sensitive to the glare of the white background on a page so using coloured backgrounds can make reading more comfortable.

Here are some links you may find interesting:


You will find the background colour options at the end of the toolbar next to our new grids to your right. If you are using a smaller screen, there is a scroll for the toolbar so you will need to scroll to find the backgrounds.

What else?

This is only the start! We are currently looking at other ways we can make the Classroom more accessible. We have already spoken to some tutors who have given us excellent insight on what should come next but we’d like to hear more! Any thoughts are welcome so please reply to this thread if you have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility in the Classroom.

Until then, why not give the new background colours a spin before your next lesson in our pre-populated demo classroom.

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I do a lot of SENstudents in person. I wouldn’t want to take them online but this is excellent for those that do want to.

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I diagnose and teach dyslexia in children as well as autism, so I think the new coloured backgrounds would be a great benefit for them.

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