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New Feature: File Share in Messages

Hi all :wave:,

Due to feedback we received from students and tutors, the messaging board has been improved! Files and documents can now be shared in messages. This means past papers and documents no longer have to be sent via our support team or via email.

Prior to the first lesson, only students will be able to share files or documents. After the first session has been confirmed, tutors will be able to forward any documents or files to their students. Also, emojis can now be sent to one another! :tada:

To find out more about our file-sharing feature, click here.

Thanks for reading, we hope you love this feature just as much as we do!

Best wishes,


Hi @Luke_Tutorful,

This is great - thank you very much for implementing it. Just a small request - do you think that you could make it so we can start a new new line by pressing ‘enter’ in the new messages feature? I sometimes need to write much lengthier messages and not being able to put any line breaks is proving a bit frustrating :laughing: !



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Hi Rosie,

Thanks for the positive feedback! I hope you’re able to start sharing documents with students right away.

In terms of entering a new line when messaging a student, you can do this by holding down “Shift + Enter” at the same time. This will enable you to insert line breaks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah ha ! thank you Luke :smiley:

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Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to share this, but I’m being told I have an unread message in my inbox. I’ve gone back through 15 pages of old messages, and I cannot find any that are unread! Please can you make it so that any current messages, even if they are from old students, appear right at the front? I think the message was telling me a lesson had been cancelled, but it’s driving me insane because there is no unread message that I can find! Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes I have this same problem too

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This happens when you cancel a lesson with a student. Therefore, just go to the chat with the student that you cancelled the lesson with and mark their message as read.

No, this is a new problem that came about with the new message update. I have the problem as well, and just came here to report it, only to see that others already have!

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Hi @Lewis @Julia @katywilson6,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to about the issue where our system incorrectly said there were unread messages from students!

This issue was reported to our Development today and a fix has just been released. You shouldn’t be impacted by this problem going forwards. :slightly_smiling_face:

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