New feature announcement: Calendar view and updates to availability!

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far and enjoying some sunshine! :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased to announce that we’re on the verge of releasing an exciting new feature to Tutorful’s tutor dashboard that’s been often requested by tutors and was shaped by feedback from tutors!

What does the new feature do?

You can now visit the “Calendar” link in the navigation bar on the website (not currently available in the apps) to see a calendar view of your availability. It currently shows what your recurring availability is set to as well as lesson bookings, but we’re adding in some really useful features to help make the calendar/availability more usable:

  • Book time-off - Tutors may need to take time off that conflicts with their recurring availability (e.g. a dentist appointment, a holiday, other lessons on other platforms, etc.)
  • Book one-off availability - Tutors may want to work outside their working hours occasionally at ad hoc times, but don’t want to update their recurring availability as the ad hoc time may change or go away (e.g. a lesson on another platform is cancelled, so adding in “one-off availability” during that time to pick up some extra hours, or shift patterns change and availability needs to be more flexible)
  • Set recurring availability - Tutors want to have a set schedule each week that aligns with their working hours (when they generally hold lessons) - nothing has changed on this, you will still set your working hours as you have done, but it’s linked through the calendar now!

We really hope that you’ll find these features useful, but as it’s a new feature we know there may be some teething problems! If you have any feedback, please visit this link to provide us feedback so we know how the feature is going and if you’d change anything!

Thank you all for your continued support of Tutorful, and have a lovely day! :slight_smile:

Natalie, Product Manager at Tutorful


Mine is missing a lesson I did on Monday.

I love this! Now, if it could just integrate with my Google Calendar, that’d be PERFECT.