New classroom thoughts

I really like the toolbox being along the top now, it doesn’t get in the way as much as it did! I like the addition of an optional grid now too. Just one thing though - would it be possible to add in a grid with much bigger squares? Mainly for Maths outside of drawing graphs.


I would love this and a right angled triangle drawing tool :slight_smile:

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Hi @Julia ,

Thank you for bringing this up, I’m pleased to tell you that you can do right angles!

Here’s a few tips to make the perfect shapes for you:

  • Once you’ve picked your shape you can hold and drag the shape to your choosing
  • However, if you hold down your Shift button as you drag, it will make the perfect shape of your choice
  • And lastly, to change the angle of the shapes, eg. a triangle into a right angle triangle, you need to draw your shape onto the whiteboard, select the cursor tool, hold down shift and drag the shape to change the angles

Here’s a thread I created with more information on the shapes tools New feature on Classroom: Polygons

@012gogaj thank you for your feedback, it’s good to see that the toolbar has made a difference to your lessons already.

We are aiming to add in more grid options in the future, I haven’t heard any feedback about bigger squares so we will definitely keep it in mind to look at 4x4 grids. (the current grid is 8x8). Here’s a thread with more information about the grids New feature on the Classroom: Grid background!

Many thanks both, if you have any other feedback, don’t hesitate to shoutout :slight_smile:


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Thanks Sam! I’d need bigger squares for my lessons because I teach primary aged kids, many of whom are only just learning to get the hang of a mouse and/or using an interactive whiteboard - and so it makes it much easier for us to do Math equations if the squares are bigger. Currently I upload a pdf, but if it was built into the platform that would be fantastic as I wouldn’t have to switch between slides (which can sometimes be an issue when they struggle with their internet connection).

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Grid is a good addition, but could we have an option to resemble the graph paper in GCSE Maths papers, eg bolder lines every 5th line.
Also could we have the option to enlarge the camera to full screen, I would like to be able to properly demonstrate using compasses for maths construction using my hover cam, TIA


One thing I’m still really missing is the ability to download the screen! When I first started tutoring online in 2020, this was a godsend for my KS3 students. Many of my students have said that they struggle to find the notes from previous sessions with the new set up and so I’d love to have the opportunity for us to download slides so that they never lose them.

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Yes! Id almost forgotten about thay function. It was super handy. Now i have to rely on the Snip Sketch app.

Hi @012gogaj @Anne,

Just wanted to inform you that we have now added more grid options from your feedback!

Please take a look at the link below for more information:

Best wishes,

Hi Sam
This is a great addition, the dotty paper, GCSE graph paper and square paper will be very useful.
Do you have any plans to include an isometric dotty paper?

Hi Anne,

Thank you for getting back to us, I’m glad these new additions will come to good use to you.
There are no plans to add isometric paper for the time being as we have other projects to build, however, I will add it to our list to be considered for the future. I appreciate you bringing this option to our attention.

Kind regards,

I love the new classroom and the fact you change the gridlines.

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