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Hi Tutorful,
Is it possible to have an “earning page” where we can see how much we earn, student by student, lesson by lesson, after Tutorful fees? That would be really appreciated and really really helpful. I’ve worked with Tutorful since 2017 and during these years I chanced hourly rate which the student pays as well as Tutorful platform fee changed from 15% and 20% of the lesson cost. For this reason it’s not easy to keep accounts.
Has anyone run into the same problem?


I agree, think being able to see earnings by student would be really useful :grin:


Hi @Elisa @Kate,

thank you for sharing this feedback - I have passed this on internally at Tutorful. It’s always great to hear what would be really useful for you so please keep sharing your thoughts! :slight_smile:

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As I do my own self-assessment, I keep a spreadsheet with all students, earnings, dates etc and then it’s easier when I am faced with having to do a breakdown :grinning:


I’ve always found it pretty easy to keep track with the existing system in the Earnings Tab and Lessons Completed tab (these are easy to export into a spreadsheet too)- and it helped me notice when Tutorful missed several payments to me a couple of years ago - it was sorted pretty quickly; but I’d advise that anyone tutoring has a separate bank account that they can easily download accounting spreadsheets from and that you can map payments from students, which also makes it easy for the tax return. Over-reliance on one system that doesn’t cross check might be unwise!


Good morning!
Thank you very much for your message.
However, I still need your help please. I really don’t understand how I can check if your income match with Tutorful’s payment.
I’ll try to explain where I end up lost.
Let me use an example to explain it better.
I can see a payment of £116.88 on the 19th of April on “My earning” page and I received it on my bank account, but how do I link that payment to my students or my single lesson?

As the payment is delayed of unknown number of days and my student pay different rates, fees and even different length of the lessons?

Many thanks.

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Thank you for your advice Kayleigh. I do the same and it’s very helpful but not enough. :sweat_smile:

To be honest, I can never make the appropriate links between what is on my spreadsheet and what is on my earning page! If i know there was a certain time delay between the lessons and when I the payments come through on the page then I could track it back but it never seems to correlate. Right now, it “appears” that I have a missing amount of money for April but I do not know when they take the money…it’s very frustrating, I do wish they could tag it with at least the day the money relates to, if that makes sense.


Totally agree :100:% I never know the lag to allow me to match them up!

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I’ve found that the delay is 8 days, apart from on a bank holiday when it will be 9. For example, a lesson completed on Monday 26th April would be paid into my account at 9am on Tuesday 4th May. If you look at your schedule from 8 days ago, you will find who to attribute the payments to.

Thank you! This will help :grin: Could I ask if this is Tutorful policy or from your experience?

It’s actually the way Stripe works! Tutorful charges the customer’s card the day after the lesson and Stripe takes 7 days to process the payment after deducting the platform fee. I have also never found deviations from this 8 day time lag apart from bank holidays or when a Tutorful employee has manually created a payment (like in the event a payment card was declined).

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Much appreciated! Thank you so much :grin:

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Like many here, I think this is really important.

I keep spreadsheets but I’ve never been able to fully reconcile payments with lessons. I’m sure that I could do it with a bit of extra work. However, it would be much better if we could see that lesson X on date Y has been settled on date Z.

X, Y, Z. Maths tutor at work!


Hi Celeste,
I’m sorry to have to contradict you, but it’s not like that.
Generally it is, but also sometimes it’s 7 days, other 8 days, other times 9 days. So it’s hard to understand exactly which lessons were paid and which were not. If you want to make accurate calculations, and I would, it’s not reliable.
When you check on “completed lessons” the payment status is “paid” you can see “Expected payment date” . Then if you go on “My Earning” and you select the date of the payment (“Expected payment date”) that doesn’t fit. As they said is “expecting payment date” not the “the date of payment”.
I’ve checked several times and I’m sure of this.
I hope I’ve been clear :blush:
Thanks anyway for the advice

So…as clear as mud!!! Hopefully someone from Tutorful will jump on and clarify :crossed_fingers:

Fantastic Kate! I love this expression: “as clear as mud” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Please Tutorful help us!

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I must admit, I never use the earnings tab, because as you’ve said it doesn’t link payments to students, so I only use the completed lessons section and this seems to be accurate for me for when each lesson will be paid and once my online banking confirms the payment then I input into a spreadsheet. Perhaps it differs from tutor to tutor!

Hi all,

I thought I’d pop a message here just to share our payment related FAQs with you all (for those who haven’t seen them already). We do use a payment provider, called Stripe, to handle payments. Students are charged 24 hours after the lesson has taken place and that payment, minus the platform fee, makes its way to a tutor within 7-9 days.

When you receive the payment can vary slightly from tutor to tutor which is why we don’t give a very specific time frame. There are several things that can cause payment to be delayed such as when:

  • Your lesson payment is due over a weekend - in this case, some banks will process the transfer the Friday before, and some banks will process the transfer the Monday after.
  • Your lesson finished outside of usual banking hours - in this case, you might see the payment the following morning, depending on how well your bank deals with our of hours transfers
  • Bank holiday delays

As mentioned above, there currently isn’t a place to see a breakdown of your payments student by student but I have passed this feedback on - hopefully, it’s something we can look into more. It’s really useful to read a thread like this and see how much this sort of thing would be valued and useful so thank you for all of your comments! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for helping us to try and get our heads around, much appreciated :grin:

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