Music Tutors specialist classes

Hello! I’m Perry- Long time listener first time caller haha

I’ve been teaching music - specialising in guitar - with Tutorful since summer 19’ and I’ve enjoyed watching my student base grow… I’m doing on average between 30-40 lessons a week although I would say I agree with a lot of the comments I’m seeing about a reduction in new students recently- whether this is down to move to online or the end of lockdown I’m not sure I’m qualified to say.

That all being said I’m hoping I can lend a perspective from a music/instrument teacher as it seems we make up a decent chunk of the tutor population.

I’ve been through 3 different classrooms since teaching online and all have had the pro’s, cons and weird bugs but they’ve all allowed me to give a decent teaching experience however I wouldn’t any PERFECTLY suited to a lesson on an instrument…

What’s stopping Tutorful from working with music Tutors to maybe make a different classroom focused around music lessons? It doesn’t need to necessarily be it’s own classroom but maybe a specified “mode” within its classroom already… one that might include a latency reduced mode to aid with performance, more functions relating to using YouTube links and maybe more sound/view options…

I’m sure as well as hopefully bringing new people in with a more specialised approach it could lead into more subject specific classroom options which would be great for everyone out there?

Now we’re online only I’m sure this could give us the inside track which we might have lost?


I’m not a music tutor @P-Scope (I teach science) but a ‘specialist’ classroom is a great idea! :star_struck:


Now Tutorful’s just online I feel we’ve got a bigger range of competition so I think anything to stand out is a good move! :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of a specialised classroom, I teach maths so there’s a lot of features which I would like to have (like a calculator, compass and graphing tools) which others’ probably wouldn’t use :blush:


I wonder if Tutorful could have a specialist ‘science and maths’ classroom- as a lot of useful tools would be shared across these subjects :smiley: