More changes to tutor profiles

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with more information on tutor profiles as our work continues to make them better for you and students/parents who are looking for tutoring. We’re excited to say we have another update on the way that includes a few more changes that we wanted to make you aware of. There are three larger changes that will come with the new profile update, that we hope to release in the first week of March:

Free Video Chats
The next profile update will remove the option for a student to request a time and date for a free video chat via your profile. They will now be able to check a box when sending you a message to let you know if they’d like a free video chat. You will then be notified and can book a chat at a time that suits you both. This update will only affect tutors who offer free video chats - if you don’t then students won’t have the option to indicate that they would like one.

Short Bio
As part of the update, we are also removing the short bio. We know that some tutors do have important information in their short bio, so if there is anything you would like to keep, please move this information to your long bio so it’s not lost when we make the changes! Please note, your short bio will still be used if you offer group classes through Tutorful, so you will still see the option to update it within your profile editor, it just won’t be visible on your public profile. As mentioned, we hope to release the update in the first week of March, so please make sure you’ve checked your short bio by then!

Lesson Request & Message Flow
Students and parents will now be able to request a lesson or send you a message without leaving your profile page. We’ve removed the clunkier process of having to go through a few pages before being able to contact you and we’re confident that this will mean you get more enquiries coming through.

As mentioned in the last update, this is a great time to update your profile photo to a higher quality image or refresh your tutor bio. We’re also recommending our tutors review the number of subjects you offer to make sure you’re only listing the subjects you focus on tutoring!

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Hi Jess,

Can you please give us the reasoning behind the short bio being removed?


Hi @Jess_Tutorful. Can you please answer the question I asked?

Hi @7267,

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you!

With our update to the new profiles that we released a couple of weeks ago, the short bio now sits on top of the long bio, which we are removing as a lot of the information in the short bio on most profiles is repetitive and doesn’t look great to prospective clients. We are still using the short bio for any tutors who are teaching group classes, but it doesn’t make sense to keep it with the new profile format.

Tutors can still add exclusive information that was in their short bio to the top of their long bio!