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Minecraft Education Edition

Hi Everyone

I’ve been doing some reading into Minecraft Education Edition. Its being used a lot for teaching coding, STEM and loads of other subjects. I’d love to work with it, but its only available for schools and educational institutions, not individuals. I was wondering if Tutorful would qualify for that, and if so could we make it available for us to use? I think it would be really popular especially if there are anymore school closures, and I don’t know if any other agencies are doing it. Maybe we’d need a separate category for “Minecraft lessons” also apparently it works best with students collaborating so that might need some organisation.


Would anyone else be interested in this?


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Not massively relevant to your post but just wanted to put this website out there to those that maybe haven’t seen it before - https://hourofcode.com/uk - great to use to support children with coding inc. some minecraft activities too.

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Hi @ClaireC,

Great to hear from you! I don’t believe we would qualify for this, so I’m not sure if we can help with that. However, it seems like a fantastic tool and can see why you’re keen on using it :smiley:

Thanks, Abbie