Messaging system is confusing (am I allowed to say stupid?)

Is it just me or is anyone else frustrated by the new messaging system. The enter key ‘sends’ the message rather than acting as a carriage return. No other software works like this (you have to use shift+enter to create a carriage return on the Tutorful system). I know this is confusing to others because I now often receive messages in four or five parts rather than a single message with four or five paragraphs.


Is there also something wrong with the messaging system today? I could access it this morning but now I cannot see any messages at all :frowning:


Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been trying the new messaging system for about a week and the enter key acting as ‘send’ is driving me crazy :confounded: :crazy_face:

Some parents prefer me to write updates through the messaging system and trying to write anything more than a few lines take ages because I have to work so hard not to press ‘enter’ when I want a carriage return! :rofl:

@Tutorful, is there any way to fix this?

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I often give updates through the feedback system, maybe not ideal but a work around?

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I wouldn’t say stupid, there are clear reasons for these decisions and only through implementing them can we say how they work. I agree with @Rosie_A, the Enter to send is a little problematic. It seems trivial but the issue isn’t so much that it’s an insurmountable obstacle or anything like that. The problem is that you only need to forget once in order to send a half completed message (often without proof reading) to a student. This is of course unprofessional. Pressing Enter to send the message is common in IM apps and services, and the new messaging site does seem like it’s going for that aesthetic, however that’s not how we as tutors would generally use it as we need to be more formal most of the time. It working that way at the student end would be another matter of course. Personally I would be in favour of a popup asking to confirm before a message is sent regardless of how we send them, whether it’s Enter or something else.

As @KayleighD mentions, I also haven’t been able to use messages on the website for the past few hours. It’s just a blank page whenever I load a message.


Hi @KayleighD - thank you for the reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I usually use the feedback system, but some parents find they don’t always get the updates so have asked me to use the messaging system instead …

You’ve put it perfectly Dylan. I’m dyslexic, and forever editing my messages - I’m terrified of hitting ‘send’ by mistake.

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Yay, I’m not losing the plot then lol

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Hi @TonyT @Rosie_A,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with this part of the new messaging system. As you have mentioned, it is a case of using the shift key + enter which I imagine may take some getting used to! I have passed your feedback and thoughts on to our product team. We have made the changes to the message threads as we felt they were a little outdated and we want to provide a modern service similar to other messaging platforms.

It’s always good to hear how you find the different features and the changes that we make so thank you for sharing!

@KayleighD & @Dylan I’m sorry to hear that you’ve both been having issues accessing your message thread, thanks for letting us know! I am just looking into this and will get back to you with an update as soon as possible. If possible, could you let me know is this when trying to access messages on the web or on the app?


Hi @Rachel_Tutorful, I have the issue on the website only. The app is fine.

Thanks @Dylan.:slight_smile: Are you able to try logging out of your account and in again on the website please to see if that resolves the issue?

Just logged out and back in, all fixed now. Thanks Rachel :ok_hand:

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Amazing, thanks so much for letting me know! Hope it works for you too @Dylan but do just let me know if not :slight_smile: Sorry again for any issues this has caused today!

Thanks Rachel, that fixed it.

This does work temporarily, but after each completed lesson the same problem occurs again, so something is going wrong. Also, the audio kept cutting out in one of my lessons today for apparently no reason. I wonder if this might be related to the message update as well as it cut out entirely after the lesson ‘ended’ and I received the message saying that the completed lesson could now be accessed through messages (even though the lesson was actually still ongoing).

I had problems with the messaging system yesterday too. A customer sent me a message and I had to reply by phone txt! Couldn’t reply to his message on Tutorful.

Thanks for passing the feedback on @Rachel_Tutorful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: !

When I write text messages I can hit the enter key to start a new line.
When I write documents in word I can hit the enter key to start a new line.
When I write on this forum I can hit the enter key to start a new line.

A few minutes ago on the Tutorful message board I hit the enter key and sent half a message, not proof read to a prospective student. It looks so unprofessional when the second half, proof read this time but written in a hurry, follows a few minutes later.

This, dear Tutorful, is crazy.

Finding many other crazy places on the web is no excuse for this craziness.

Across the world there are more people speaking Chinese than any other language.
Can I please continue to use English when communicating with yourselves or with students?

In future I will compose my messages in Microsoft Word, then copy them onto the message board before sending them onwards.


Confirmed. Messaging system has failed completely on browser.

Yes it is a bit annoying. I get frustrated by parents who ignore you when you do reply. They must message about 10 tutors and don’t bother messaging you back if they have found someone or don’t want to progress with you

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