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Managing time at home

Hi everyone,

Home working has its advantages, however I find organising my time sometimes is difficult. How does everyone get on with this ?

I create a work schedule to keep to and that does help.



I juggle full time carer with tutoring in a couple of places.
I have a manual diary and on a Sunday write down the week ahead and, for me, the act of writing them seems to solidify it in my fuzzy brain :exploding_head:
I generally try and prep for the week ahead (not so easy in the time of schools closed when I’ve had to be far more flexible) and having a designated workspace helps keep me organised (and not spreading…)


I agree. I’ve made a weekly plan so I keep on top of my work. I do however find it difficult to stay on top of my filing.


Good advise, thanks.
Yes a written schedule does help.
Keeping lunch as well to a fixed time I also find it important.


I have a few hours set aside on evenings I can use for tutoring, but for weekends I just take it day by day because I have more then and they can change quite a bit.

As I only tutor through Tutorful I can just use the site/app to keep track of things easily enough. I check for messages frequently which also means I can check my calendar so nothing sneaks up on me.


Batching repetitive tasks really helps me stay on top of the workload. Anything from marking homeworks to creating and organising my resources - I can do it a lot faster if I do a few in one go.

Then obviously prioritising. I like using Google Tasks for listing all the individual tasks e.g. “make a logarithms worksheet for student X”. You can drag them up and down the list to keep the most important ones at the top and then just tick off as you go. I usually do these around noon before my first afternoon lessons. The blessing and curse of tutoring is that every day’s schedule is completely different :sweat_smile:



I do something similar I plan my lessons in advance so I know I’m prepare for the week ahead. On Fridays I plan my week ahead and then send out any work, mark work and get back to students also. I have a template lesson plan which has helped.

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Like others, I have a paper diary I use to keep track of all my different appointments. This helps a lot, as I can just glance at it in the evening and know what’s coming up the next day. It’s also super helpful when the time for invoicing comes. I also teach Pilates and children in other countries, whom I have to bill directly.

In terms of managing the time not spent teaching, I make an hour-by-hour plan for my busiest days, if I know there’s a lot I have to achieve. On normal days, I usually have plenty of time to complete all tasks and don’t have to worry about it so much.


I used to keep a paper diary, but I moved to google calendar, which I really prefer. I’m usually not great with technology, but it is great. I colour code everything and it gives me a really good visual about where my free time is, in particular.


I am a pen and paper guy. I have a clipboard on the wall above my PC - it has a two week DAILY plan sheet (printed) columns are DATE AND TIME, EXAM BOARD, TOPIC, COMMENTS. I have a large plastic storage box, everyone has a doc file organized GCSE - A LEVEL, then there are subject files, 'early Tudors, Later Tudors, all notes and handouts are filled there. I also have a library, bookcases and shelves and books are grouped by topic, Russia, Germany, GCSE and A level Textbooks are in the bookcase but organized - top shelf GCSE, second shelf A level. It has evolved over time but it works for me - I can get anything inside a minute. As you can see - I’m a bit of a dinosaur!

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How interesting to read how everyone manages their schedules… I’ve got to say, I’m a bit old skool too, I use notepads with dividers - every student has their own section.

I plan lessons in the morning (after coffee) and tend to do other projects and admin (feedback, gathering resources) in the afternoon and then I tutor in the evening. I also use the afternoon for exercise and fresh air too!

I find this works for me but everyone is different. I’ve been tutoring since 2017 and if I could give any advice:

  1. Find a system and stick to it. Keep all of your lesson plans / notes for each student together.
  2. Record your hours - it’s very easy to go way overboard (or under!) when you are your own boss… :laughing:

Oh, and I have a BIG folder of all the past questions I’ve solved organised by subject - it’s a life saver :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is one area I have to improve on.
The mentality I have is that my working hours are 9-5 or 10-6 depending on the day and I try to stick this to it rigidly
I find it difficult as almost all work is on the computer especially with virtual teaching which I do at school (as I am shielding until 01April) and also my own private lessons.
But I see it as a learning curve as despite all the challenges the pandemic has given us I have used it as my own CPD!