Loving the protractor and compass tools

any chance we can opt for a squared background for graph work ?

Hi @Karry

Are you referring to the Learncube classroom? Tutorful’s new one does not (yet) have tools for a compass and protractor. I’ve requested them several times, so hopefully they are on the list of features to be added, along with graph paper.

No I haven’t been on the learncube site I found protractor and compass had been added on the the Tutorful classroom it’s quite hidden tho drawing tools then ruler I believe if I’ve remembered correctly opens compass and protractor
Although it’s a little difficult to manoeuvre for my pupils

The old Tutorful classroom is run by Learncube. The new classroom is developed in-house by Tutorful’s development team, but it has not yet been rolled out to all tutors. It definitely does not have a ruler, protractor or compass, or a button called drawing tools, but Learncube’s classroom does.


I agree that it doesn’t have these tools and I also wish that they had more shapes for the younger pupils I hope that this is also something that will be added in time :grinning: my drawing of shapes leaves a lot to be desired!

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I’m on the new classroom so I don’t have these yet… Would love to see these tools there too :smiley: