Lessonspace bugs in Classes

I’m still experiencing technical issues aplenty with LessonSpace when teaching my Classes, and it’s very hard to diagnose issues when you’re trying to run a class of 10 - especially when you only know the child’s name, and Tutorful only knows the parent, and if you can’t communicate with the child properly because of audio issues for example… you’re out of luck trying to report anything to Tutorful to resolve the issues in the future. It’s still incredibly useful to have the child’s name on the tiles, but perhaps having both names on the tile would be better? Perhaps PARENT NAME - STUDENT NAME, like “Darran - Jon”.

Regarding the technical issues, audio seems to cut out at random times for a minute before resuming, or the PowerPoint slides can only be viewed by a few children at a time, when previously in the lesson the entire class could.

Another weirder bug is that for some reason in a lot of my classes, it’ll pick a random tile and make them upside down, sometimes even two of them! It’ll look the same to everyone else that’s the right way up, but for the student upside down we’re all the right side up.

Finally, on rare occasions it’ll have an audio issue that is hard to describe - basically, we can all see each other fine, but for the audio, it’s as if there are two classrooms, where a few students can all hear each other but not the other students and me - and the other students can hear each other and me. Very odd.

Does anyone else encounter weird bugs with LessonSpace?