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Hi All,

So far over the last 6 weeks I have been unsuccessful in getting a single student with an offer of a lesson cost of £30 an hour.

Last academic year I was able to get students fairly regularly at £25 an hour and so am wondering whether the absolute maximum limit that clients on job boards are willing to pay is £25.

I am wondering if anyone has obtained students this academic year on the Jobs Board at £30 an hour or even higher?

I’m not sure if this is the answer you want to hear but I think, like most things, it depends on the general makeup of the rest of your profile.

If you are pitching at £30 and someone else is pitching at £25 then your profile has to be of significant improvement to the other person’s in order to attain that booking.

I’ve taken a cursory glance at the prices of people in my field and what they have been offering and there’s one guy who’s pitching at I think £90 per hour which immediately made me think “he can’t possibly be getting any bookings” but then I clicked on his profile and it was littered with substantial 5* reviews, success stories, great qualifications etc and thusly he was still picking up more students.

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I haven’t ever used the jobs board, but I have raised my prices as my availability lowered and my reviews and experience increased and I have had a lot more interest since putting my prices up to £56 an hour from £30. I’ve never charged less than £30, and honestly I think £30 is cheap for a fully qualified and experienced teacher, considering lesson planning, admin time and qualifications.

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I think based on my experiences and one reply to a job I expressed an interest in, who said that I was out of his budget, that the absolute limit that clients who advertise jobs are willing to pay may be £25.
The other issue may be that as I do not want clients messaging me first, that may be putting some off as they may want to see my profile first, and they cannot do that as I am set to offline status.
Hopefully Tutorful takes my feedback on clients stating their price range when advertising jobs to stop wasting both the clients and the tutors time. Other thing that could help is Tutorful allowing viewing of your offline profile through a link that you send them when replying to job adverts.

Perhaps you could go online and remove your subjects so that you won’t appear in any of the searches, then no one will message you but clients from the jobs board will be able to see your profile?

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Seems like a solution to clients not being able to view my profile.

Thanks, I will give that a try and see whether it helps.

As a member of the MU I don’t and won’t charge less than the current rates set by them, so if people don’t wish to pay my rates that is fine, I’m fully booked most of the time anyway. I’d advise you not to set your rates too low, as that in itself can put people off, as a quality tutor knows their worth. I guess it depends what you’re teaching and what qualifications and experience you have.

I think then you wouldn’t be able to see the jobs board for those subjects though…

I would really love for tutorful to implement a read-only version of the profile, so we can still share them when we go offline. Super useful for applying on the jobs board (especially for quite niche subjects where we might not want to advertise them online, such as degree teaching) and also for new students outside the platform


Yes you are right there.

Also, you must have at least one subject on your profile as otherwise it does not let you save the changes.

Well just to give an update on this.

While I have had zero success in getting a single student at 30 pounds an hour by applying on the jobs board multiple times a week since September this year, I have scored 3 and potentially a 4th in just a single week at the same rate by putting my profile to online status over the last week.

Was getting so many requests for tuition I had to put my profile to go offline yesterday.

Seems that clients think you are either desperate and/or are not that credible if you do not come up when they search for tutors.

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Thanks for the update sabedin - just to be clear, are you saying these new students came through your job board applications, not that they simply messaged you first after using the tutor search function?

Well one was through a job posting I made but my profile was online at the time. They probably only agreed to the £30 per hour rate as I can do both physics and computer science - degree in physics and over a decade in the IT industry.

The others just kept messaging me after I was available on search results.

So going online hasn’t actually increased your ability to get jobs through the jobs board at all?

Wow! £90. Thank you for sharing.

£30 an hour is perfectly reasonable. I get students at that rate but I pitch at a narrow selection of year 11 and 12 A-Level physics students. I suggest, if appropriate, market yourself as a specialist in a particular field if you feel able. I believe that for every hour you are on line you need another 90 minutes honing you presentation, sending follow up emails, checking the subject specification information, preparing and checking homework. That works out at about the minimum wage.
Alex Sutherland

Well it is only minimum wage for the first lesson and then it rises as you start to repeat lessons afterwards. This has already happpened to me many times and I have less than 100 hours with Tutorful so far.

Although we may sometimes be a little frustrated at how Tutorful does things and the commission it charges, there is no denying the Platform’s ability to get paying customers to tutors.

I am sorry I did not make my post clear. I was not saying that Tutorful are not entitled to their commission or that there was something wrong with their service or web site. Where does it say that? My point is that if you are giving lessons at £30 pond an hour you need to differentiate yourself. Once you do that you need to offer an appropriate level of service and £30. an hour is not exorbitant if you are crafting good lessons. It’s not me why started this thread. I’m offering advice please feel free not to accept it.

I never meant to imply that it was you personally.
It was an observation from some of the comments on this form over the months that I have read…

Overall, they are a very good tutoring agency and I am hoping to start doing classes for them in the future as that seems really exciting and pushing your skills to the next level.

Reading your post there - it kinda sounds like you might only be saying they are a good agency because you want to get started on doing classes for them!!

… sorry… this is what my sense of humour is like unfortunately. :innocent:

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