Lesson Exchange Credits/System

I was looking to hire a tutor the other day, and had an idea which is probably confined to the realm of pipe-dream but which I thought I’d throw out nonetheless.

I’ve always thought that it would be nice if tutors were given (based on hours worked, or annually, or whatever) some kind of Lesson Credit they could redeem with another tutor on the site. It’d be a great way to develop a sense of a Tutorful teaching community and gives us more incentive to stay on-site as well as fostering a you’re always learning kind of mentality.

I suppose the business argument could also be that the development of a Lesson Credit system could lead to clients block-booking lessons, gifting them, or buying rolling subscriptions of X credits which they can then redeem on lessons.

Just a thought!


I’ve been thinking about a similar thing but it’s always seemed unlikely. Hopefully I’m wrong. There are several topics in adjacent fields that I would like tuition in to help my own tutoring, as well as for their own sake, but it’s never been enough of a priority to justify spending the money on instead of doing my own research (especially since it wouldn’t be for a qualification, which most people pay for tuition for).

I think the key benefits to Tutorful are that it would be improving the knowledge so potentially tuition of the studying tutors, and giving the teaching ones practice. It might also help them gain reviews. This may just be clutching at straws to justify the suggestion, though.

Maybe it could be modified so it’s a more official sort of training. Something like for every x hours you tutor you can book a session with a beginner tutor, and then you can discuss tutoring techniques and how to work on their technique. Alternatively, some sort of session trade system where you can have a session with someone in exchange for tutoring them in return, if they would be interested in that.


I’ve had the same thought - A sort of tutoring swap shop ! I’ve had both of my children studying for GCSES and A levels this year and it would have been great to swap my expertise with another’s in order to get them the help they needed in subjects we have no clue about!


I was thinking about this today - when we can all travel again, I would love to brush up on my language skills. I’m also always pretty embarrassed by my lack of history knowledge (I didn’t take it for GCSE) and would love to learn more.

In exchange, I would be more than happy to help other tutors with their science, I reckon it would be a really great experience! :grinning: