Lesson and teaching expectations

Dear tutors,

I wanted to know what is your intake on some of the things below please.

Some clients do not attend a lesson on time often and expect you to message them to remind them. For example, if their lesson is at 12:30pm, they want you to message them either couple minutes before or at 12:30pm.
How do deal with this or what do you do?

Also, what do you do regarding checking homework? Do clients send you homework right before the lesson to check in class together?
Do you give the homework for extra learning at home and want it back in time so you can check it prior to your lesson with them?

The expectation of writing a report for a client about their childs progress?
I am a teacher, so I am in school five days and tutor too. Writing a long 3 page report is abit much. I dont mind a short report, but nothing huge.

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

I’ve not had clients who expect to be reminded by tutors before the lesson starts. It’s their responsibility to remember when the lesson is. It’s also worth noting that Tutorful sends them reminders the day before anyway, so if they have opted out of that then that’s their choice. If anyone asked I would just decline I think, and probably would think twice about if I want to continue their tuition. If they need a reminder there are many options available to them (calendar, alarm, etc) without having to ask the tutor to pre-empt them not showing up.

I am happy to send a summary of their progress when requested or when I think there is something to report, but requesting 3 pages is beyond excessive. A paragraph or two should be more than sufficient for a generic report.


I agree with you Dylan and my thoughts are exactly the same as yours. I shouldn’t need to remind them as there are plenty of methods to help them. One parent even said to me they are paying for the service so expect a phone call at their starting time as he had 3 children being tutored by different tutors.

What worries me is that if I do not perhaps agree to their terms, then maybe they will write a negative review on my profile. Sounds silly, but that’s one of my concerns.

I was thinking of a short summary too, however the client said their previous tutor from Tutorful would write 2/3 pages and she even show me how it looked. She now has that expectation that I will do the same, which I will certainly not.